Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another trip to the zoo.

The day started off with a fun trip to the zoo. We went with our neighbors Melanie and Maxwell Miller. They had never been to the Hogle Zoo before. In fact, she always though it was called the Hobo Zoo. Geese, what would us Utahn's be thinking? Hayden was a little stubborn about the fact we were going to the zoo without Trevor, my brother. He kept yelling at me, "Trevor do it!" In other words, the zoo was old news to him and if he was going, he wanted Trevor to do it. The boys had fun and as two very pregnant women, we did our best. It was fun, but having two two year olds in a zoo is quite the challenge. Here are some of our pictures from the day.
Hayden didn't really want to pose next to real animals, but the fake ones were just fine!
We never could get a good picture with Max. He was a little bit distracted, and obsessed with climbing. I am a bit surprised he didn't end up in an animal habitat.
Giraffes seem to be Hayden's favorite animal right now.
Another "great picture" of the boys riding the tigers. Unfortunately, the zoo doens't have the best setup to see these creatures.
Of course we couldn't get away without a ride on the carousel. Hayden wanted the Elephant and we didn't have to fight any young children to get it!
Our last and final stop was the train. By this time I was exhausted and so were the boys. It was a great final activity.