Friday, August 29, 2008

Baby Preparation

Here is one of my attempts to prepare Hayden for the new baby. I went a few different places in search of a "boy" doll. It doesn't exactly have the package, if you know what I mean, but all it's accessories and it's clothes were blue. That is something at least. Hayden loves his baby and tells him often, "I fuzz you much keadan." Translation: "I love you so much Teagan." We are 99% sure that Teagan is the name of our next little guy. He takes very good care of him and is constantly changing his "full diaper." Thats right, it pees. I thought that I might as well have this doll serve two purposes. It is a potty training doll too.

Hayden slept like this until he was 18 months. When I swaddled his doll for bed, he insisted on being wrapped up too. Pretty sure that we're still going to have some jealousy issues! If there are any males reading this, I asked Brian what he thought about our son having a doll and he said he thought it was a good idea and that he wanted him to be a good dad someday. I have a pretty awesome husband!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Prego Party!

Last Thursday was such a fun night for me. We called it a prego party where just the pregnant ladies on my street went out for dinner and had a gift exchange. Six out of the eight of us were able to make it. I am sure there are even more women who are pregnant on our street, but these are the ones we are aware of in just a small area. Can you believe it? Andrea will be the first to have her little guy in September and the caboose will be Kacey in January, maybe December. So all of us are due within about 4 months of each other. Another funny thing, only two of the eight are girls! It's going to be one rowdy nursery, preschool, and kindergarten. Maybe I'll be released from nursery before then ;-) I love where we live. I am really enjoying our house, neighbors, etc. Anyways, I love these gals and appreciate all of them for making it a great night! Thanks to Joe for taking the only picture of the night at their house after dinner. I am sure he would have rather run away when he saw these hormones coming for his door.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Boy Bed!

Hayden is finally in his "big boy bed." Hooray! Back off about the whole binky situation once again. One thing at a time I say and it is only in use during sleeping hours now. We finished his room about a week ago but are still working on the finishing touches. It is so cute and a huge thanks to Brian's mom for the cute quilt and Keri for her help with his letters. I will be posting pictures of those soon as well. Hayden first slept in his bed on Saturday night and stayed in there until about 3:30 a.m. The next night he slept in there from about 10:00 till about 9:00 a.m the next morning. He sleeps so good in there. The best part is, he doesn't mind me leaving him in there during the day while he falls asleep to take naps. Awesome! I was a little worried about the transition, but he's done better than I have. That is my BABY! I am just anxious now to have another baby to fill the empty space (crib and nursery). I am so proud of Hayden and how well he is doing at the growing up thing. He really does do a lot of things on his own. He loves his new room and will go in there and say, "own bed, own room, own wall." Hey, whatever helps him claim his territory and make it home!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Night Out & Night In

On Friday night I decided I wanted a much needed night out. I don't know who had more fun, us, or Hayden. We arranged to have my Dad watch Hayden since my mom was at her girls night out. My dad always does a great job even if she isn't around. Hayden was so excited all night to go see and play with his Papa. My Dad mentioned he had some things to get done, but that he would love to have Hayden as a side-kick. I was a bit nervous about his "project" since I have seen him try to tackle toilet repairs before. The last time he had to repair a "tiny" part, he ended up ripping the whole toilet up and throwing it onto the front lawn. I hope this didn't shock too many of you. Anyways, they seemed to do okay while we were gone and Hayden loved helping Papa. He will still talk about how the toilet "didn't work" and how he helped his Papa. He even tried to "fix" our toilet the next morning!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Zoo

My sweet brother had the afternoon off on Tuesday and he chose to spend it with Hayden. Trevor is going to be an amazing Dad when his time finally comes (hint,hint). Just kidding, but I really thought it was nice of him to offer to take Hayden to the zoo with his time off. Hayden was very excited and loved every minute up until the last when he told Trevor, "I go home." He was tired and wanted to go "night night."

The Giraffes were Hayden's favorite and probably could have stayed at their exhibit all day. Trevor was very patient and kept toting him up and down the stairs in their exhibit so he could see them from different angles. Thank you Trevor for being an awesome uncle to Hayden. We both love and appreciate you!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It's been years since I have been to lagoon and it was about time to venture out and go. It was my brother's stake lagoon day so for a small discount we headed out. It is still a rip off. Luckily I had a free pass or else I would have had to pay like $31 just to enter the park. Oh wait, it does include the incredibly lame shows, boring pioneer town, and use of pavilions. Wahoo! So anyways, my parents really wanted to take Hayden and he really did love it. Ever since my Dad even mentioned going there, Hayden keeps saying, "Yagoon!" and "Yagoon, Papa!" The little guy didn't even know what it was but even if the commercial came on in the car, he got so excited. He rode the rides either alone, or with my parents or Trenton. Brian and I decided to spend our fortune elsewhere. We did splurge on a frozen lemonade. Mmmm!
The first ride he went on. He thought it was fun to wave, but was still getting used to the whole "ride" thing.
He thought this ride was alright. He finally got the hang of the whole up and down thing after we all stood from the sidelines, looking like idiots, showing him what to do.
His face was pretty expressionless most of the time even though he enjoyed himself. He is just a serious little man. I love the waving in most the pictures. "Look Mom, no hands!"
Hayden on another kiddie ride.
He called Puff a snake. Now the rides were getting a little more exciting.
I kept telling him there were boats at Lagoon so he was pretty anxious to test the waters. He loved managing the wheel and the bell at the same time. What coordination!
Absolutely loved this ride. He insisted on an "elepant" from the get go so my sweet mom even fought a little girl just so he could have it. Oh, Mother!
Silly Monkey Faces.
This was one of his favorites. After we saw his reaction on the "big rides", we realized he thought the kiddie rides were just lame junk.
So being the great mom that I am, I was a little worried about this one. It whips you absolutely everywhere. Well, this ride was Hayden's favorite. He refused to get off this ride and we pulled him off kicking and screaming while he shouted, "again, again!"
So this picture was taken before the ride started. This ride is the new attraction at Lagoon and Hayden's least favorite. Till this day, he still talks about the "naughty shark" who got his cloths wet. He was screaming the whole time after that. We had to take him on his favorite ride before we left so that he didn't have traumatizing memories of Lagoon.
Just a Kodak moment of our little family at Lagoon. Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun day!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A 2 year old boy with a fashion sense!

So I didn't know it was even possible for a 2 year old to be so into his mother's fashion. I was shopping at Ross yesterday and I was quite pleased when I found some brown dress shoes. Mind you, I have not found dressy brown shoes I like in a very long while. I am browsing and looking for my size and I find it. I was so excited and they were only $12. So while trying them on Hayden looks at them and says, "Grandma shoes!" Needless to say, I put those right back on the shelf and was a bit disapointed. If your own 2 year old, and a boy at that, doesn't think they look good, of course you can't buy them!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hayden's first sleevoper

Hayden has had the privilege to have Cooper come spend the night at his house for the first time. He has loved every moment of it. Our night started at my parent's house for spaghetti dinner which neither of the little boys ate because they were too busy bowling in the front room. We then went to Brian's last softball game. Cooper was so intrigued by it all. He loves sports more than any 2 year old I know. Hayden and Cooper kept shouting, "Go Daddy!" It's always fun to have the two of them together. They argued in the car about who's daddy Brian was but all Cooper was trying to tell Hayden is that his Dad's name is "Ry." Last night the boys got a good scrub down since they spent their day on the hospital floor and dirty bleachers at the park. We had to remove a couple of items from the tub because Cooper is very "peculiar" and wouldn't sit down until they were gone. He hated the bubbles and was absolutely frightened by the rubber snake. When we were all cuddled into the "thank goodness" King bed of ours, we read books, sang songs, drank milk (brushed teeth after), etc. We moved the boys onto a comfy bed on the floor which Cooper ended up being the only participant who stayed there all the way until morning. They have had so much fun together and I just love it. I've actually been able to get some housework done this morning without feeling guilty or having Hayden want to do something else. I know not everything would be easier with 2 kids, but some things just are.
After the tub, they got a huge kick out of being wrapped in towels and laying next to each other.
Laying in bed just livin' it up. We had to go searching for another binky after Cooper saw Hayden with his. we tried to convince Hayden that he didn't need one because Cooper didn't but it worked the other way around. Dang!
Playing with choo choo trains after Hayden woke his sleeping friend up at 7:45 a.m. First thing Hayden said when he woke up was, "Where Cooper go?"


Due to some pregnancy complications, MaryAnn had a c-section on Monday July 28th instead of the 7th like originally planned. It had even been moved up to the 31st but MaryAnn and her Doctor both felt like they needed to take Rosemary out sooner. Rosemary was 6 lbs. 14 oz. and was 20 inches long. MaryAnn is still in shock that after Cooper who was 9 lbs. 11 oz, she could output such a small child. Both of them are doing so well and Rosemary is so cute and precious.
Congratulations MaryAnn and Ryan. Mostly to Mary, the strong brave woman who carried and delivered and now has 2 kids.
Cooper is adjusting pretty well. He is very possesive of his "Rosie." He likes to hold her but only for a second. Hayden has enjoyed holding her very much. I am anxious to see what he does when it's "our baby."

What a load of crap!

So here are my findings one morning. Ahhh, nothing like waking up to poo! I walk downstairs to get some breakfast for Hayden and I and this is what I found. "Surely Brian wouldn't leave a bag of crap in the house," I thought. Well, it was sure enough the crap he had scooped up from their walk and forgotten to throw away! I am just so glad Hayden didn't find it first. Just what anyone wants to find, let alone a pregnant women. Not too appetizing! Just another funny husband story I had to share.