Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The old school tech deck!

You heard me right. Remember those things? Well, Teagan dug one out of the toys at my parents and knew just what to do with it. Well, he thought...
You can catch a glimpse of it under his bottom.
He was trying so hard to sit on it. After all, it always works on Daddy's skateboard.
Trying something different.
Settled for the real way of riding a skateboard. Maybe just not the right size buddy!
Lets just say I was busting a gut watching this!

A day in the life...

You know it's been one of those days when you look at a vacuum and see layers upon layers of different items! Glad that day was awhile ago :)

New Little Buddy

Although little Carter was Due on Hayden's Birthday, he didn't see the need to come on time. He is just like his Daddy! Heather started the process on Thursday the 10th and had Carter on Friday the 11th! We were all so excited to meet this little guy and I am very grateful I was able to witness the whole experience!
He sure is a cute little guy!

5 Year Anniversary

Remember last year I was hoping for something special for year number 5? Yeah...that didn't happen. Brian scheduled himself to work that night. Brilliant, I know! It wasn't completely intentional. We didn't have much of anything planned so we offered to watch my cousin's kids. We packed up all kiddos, and Kacey, and headed to the pool. We have spent many days there, but only took the camera this once. I don't particularly love lugging the thing around and worrying about it the whole time.

Hayden really enjoys playing with Brinley and Isaac so he had a blast. It was fun to spend the day together and just play. I think we celebrated the whole Anniversary thing that weekend. We will hope to do better next year..or year 10...or year 25...who knows! I love my man anyways!

What a disappointment!

I was severely disappointed to read this on the box of the Ninja Turtle Van that Hayden got for his Birthday...

Guns don't really shoot! Seriously!
Seats 6 comfortable, Phew!

Kind of random, but Hilarious!