Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who is this?

Oh Boy, who is this nerd? Well, according to Hayden, it's Trenton. Phewwww! The funny thing is, it's really me. What a little Geek! So what's so funny about this picture. A couple things. First of all, I totally thought I rocked this world when I was 13 and able to own a summer pass to the one and only Classic Waterslides. This is the crappy quality picture they took for my I.D. The hilarious thing is that when Hayden found this old card, he said, "Trenton!" I said, "oh, you think this is Trenton?" Hayden said, "Yeah." Trenton and I have looked similar at various points in our life. We look more alike than the twins in my family. Anyways, I am not sure who should be more humiliated, me or Trenton? I tried to photo shop out the long hair, but it didn't work so swell. For now, it's just Trenton with long blond locks and one sexy swimsuit!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Run Brian, Run!

Eastmont Middle school and Willow Canyon elementary school were having a 5k race on Saturday. Brian, Trenton, and Trevor all decided to run it. It was quite hilarious because they all just ran together. Sounds like girls, huh. No, I guess it's a social thing. Well, although they finished at the exact same time, apparently a hair of Trevor's must have stuck out further than Brian's (darn baldness). Trevor won third place in their age group! Sweet for Trevor, sucks for Brian. It's all fun and games though. Here the boys are finishing up and after the race.

Who's under that Bucket?

Guess Who?Ta Da!
(Hayden loves this phrase.)

Come On Hayden!

This child is something else. Last week we went to Leatherby's for my birthday and Hayden discovered the video games. He would not get off of this thing. We tried to pull him off of it and he would just scream at us. He kept saying, "drive, fast." Finally we decided to pretend to leave while my mom sat behind him, out of sight. We walked out and said, "bye." He smiled, waved, and said, "bye." My mom said he seemed relieved to have us out of his hair.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Girls, and two handsome little boys, night out!

Our adventure started at the Training Table, and ended at the Mall. We did go to Seagull in between, so Natalie could by some Down East tops to fit her growing Belly. Congrats on the pregnancy!
Of course we had to accommodate the children and stop at the playground in the mall. Hayden had a blast and Isaac let out a lot of excess energy!
Riding the creature. I think it was some kind of dinosaur. At least, that was the theme of the playground.
Getting ready to slide.
Hayden didn't want to leave Brinley's side all night. When we left he just cried and cried saying, "Brin, Brin." Even when I told him we would see her tomorrow, he still continued to throw a tantrum.

I love this family tradition. We missed everyone who couldn't make it. I sure wish you lived here Laura! I'm also glad that Aunt Sherry could join us this year after her absent years in New Zealand. Maybe Heather will also be able to join us next year. I love you gals!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Birthday Bash!

We have so many amazing friends. My birthday was seriously a blast. It is right up there with one of the best birthday's ever. It was so fun! Thanks to all who came. It wouldn't have been the same without everyone.
First off, we went to Spaghetti Mamas for some delicious dinner. I love their bread sticks and ravioli. Some of the party had to take off after dinner to retrieve children or get prepared for the next day. The rest of us...we partied on!
This is Jaydon, our friends Chris and Yudianny's baby boy. He is a cutie!
MaryAnn, Kacey, Steve, Jessica, and Sean hanging out at the bowling alley!
Chris, Ryan, & Yudianny ready to knock em down!
Who is that wierdo? Couldn't be the man I married!
Chillin at the Yerg's house. Thanks for having us all over!
We did break down and pick up Hayden for some playtime and cake. Here the boys are having themselves a little wrestling match! Hayden gets Cooper where it counts!
Despite me thinking I may not have a cake on my actual birthday, Mary and Kacey pulled through and got the most delicious cake ever. An oreo ice cream cake just like I wanted!
The Yergensen's have an awesome piano that plays by itself and the boys absolutely loved it! They had themselves a dance party!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Brinley & Myself! I wish I could have found some baby pictures of Brinley but I am not at home so luckily I found this on my e-mail. This is on Natalie's wedding day. We love you too Nat, but this one's for Brinley. I loved to tease Julie when she was pregnant with Brinley that she would have her on my birthday. She always said, "Yeah right, I hope not." Not because she had anything against me, but that would mean Brinley coming weeks too early. Well, sure enough, we got a call on my birthday from Aunt Sherry. I knew what it was all about. I had a huge grin on my face. I feel so lucky to share my birthday with such a sweet little cousin. I love you Brin Brin! Happy 9th Birthday!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Outings with a toddler!

Hayden is at such a fun but difficult age. He is so full of personality but sometimes that lets him get away with too much. Last night we went to check out Dillard's 75% off sale and Brian told me that he would just carry Hayden around the whole time instead of using the stroller. Well, as you can tell, it didn't even last through the parking lot. Brian was the one shopping so I was the one chasing Hayden around for an hour. By the time Brian was done, I was done and didn't even want to shop for myself! Hayden found this hideous hat and insisted on carrying it around the whole time. I tried several times to put it back, but he would scream. A lady employee just told me to let him have it while we shopped. The funny thing is, I had just bought him his own bucket hat earlier that day and he didn't take the same liking to it. Oh, they have a mind of their own at such an early age. The video shows what he was doing with the hat the whole time and then shows him bolting away, another usual activity.

This is Hayden with MY slurpee. I was craving one so on the way home from the mall, we made a stop at 7-11. Let's make a guess to how much of this I actually got? Hayden has definitely reached the terrible twos a bit prematurely.