Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Helpful Hayden

Despite his every thought that he may be helping me, I wish he really was doing something. So although I could only get a short clip, it was pretty hilarious. He grabbed the vacuum attachments and went to town vacuuming the couch. Well, he thought, duh, the vacuum needs to be on! Phewww, luckily he thought of that. He went right over and turned the vacuum on and continued on. Well, it would have been nice if the attachment was attached to the VACUUM! I love this kid!

Summer Fun

I couldn't be happier that the weather has been so nice and so consistent lately. Besides having a broken air conditioner, I have enjoyed the warm weather. Luckily I am not too huge yet so I'm not miserable. Here are some pictures of what we've (meaning mostly Hayden) been up to!
After pouring time, effort, and money into a slip-n-slide, pool, sprinkler, or any matter of water activity, my son still refused to "fully" enjoy them. This is long after my mom talked him into getting wet and touching the water. I swear that I am chopped liver when my parents are around.
Here he is walking on the slip-n-slide. He slipped and fell many times but never seemed to be too affected by it. We were able to finally talk him into letting us hold each of his hands and drag him along it on his butt.
Here is the swimming pool. Only walking was going on here. He did fall on his butt once and he just gasped and hurried to get back on his feet. Man, I just don't understand why kids don't love ice cold water?
He thoroughly enjoyed throwing the wet ball out at me and then I would throw it back in. The sprinkles felt good on me!
What a silly smile!
Hayden has finally gotten brave enough to go down slides by himself, however, this was the "big" slide and he wouldn't attempt it on his own. Good thing he has a daddy that is overly anxious to test them out himself!
Feeding the ducks at Murray Park. We attempted to feed ducks at the lake by our house, but of course there were about 2 ducks on the whole lake and they wouldn't even come near us. Could have been the dog. Just another thing he hinders us from doing!
This is Hayden and Helen. I used to nanny Helen and we still enjoy picking her up for a weekly activity. She takes good care of Hayden and he absolutely loves having her as a playmate.
I think he may have decided to take a bite of bread himself. Who knows but he sure loved this adventure. He was fine until I teased him and told him the ducks were going to get him because they were quite aggressive and were following him. He screamed and wanted me to pick him up. I told him they really weren't and he was fine but what kind of a mom am I?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some Good News!

Well, I did it, I gave in. I went to Fetal Foto to find out what the baby is a little early. It was a spur of the moment sort of thing. Kacey and I were sitting at my table on Friday and I was talking about how it bugged me that I could know now what the baby was if I really wanted to. She said, "let's just do it." She called her friend that works there to find out if there were any appointments that day. I would only have done it that day so I could surprise Brian for Father's Day. She said they did but it was at 12:30 and it was already 11:40 or so. I rushed to get ready and even dug up a credit card that I knew Brian wouldn't check the activity on. I was really nervous but we did it! Well, despite my every thought that it was definitely a girl, I was definitely wrong! It is another boy. I guess that I am meant to be outnumbered my whole life! I am still getting used to the idea and I know when he arrives, I will love him more than anything. I watch the video and I'm already in love. How couldn't you be? Hayden is so cute. Whenever he sees the pictures or video he says, "baby!", "baby broer" (brother).

Part 1 of Hayden's Birthday

Here are some of the pictures from Hayden's birthday. The other's are on my mom's camera. I will try and get those asap before it's old news! It was a fun day, but I still am in shock that my baby is 2!MaryAnn and Cooper came over to help make Hayden's day fun. Our first trip was to McDonald's Play Place.
I couldn't get Cooper to look at the camera for the life of me! They loved their "vrooms" that came in their happy meals.
I bought Hayden a balloon at the Dollar Tree and he was thrilled. Yes, we are still working on the binky thing. No rude comments please!
Mmmmmmm! I was very into letting Hayden have whatever on his special day. Here the boys are licking the beaters after mixing his cake.
Here is Hayden with his new bike and helmet a couple of days after his birthday. He is more into turning it over and watching the wheels spin than riding it.

Friday, June 13, 2008


So it has been a busy last week or so. I will be updating soon but to see Hayden's 2 year old pictures visit my photography site. We celebrated Hayden's second birthday on the 5th and our third anniversary on the 8th. I will post some pictures soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bad News!

It's been another one of those days. It's official, the call came today. Even after crucial, meticulous work on the computer, they told us all the data was completely destroyed. I couldn't believe that in just a couple hours a computer could completely be ruined with no previous warning whatsoever. At least it bought me some time to get used to the idea. I have been so sick all day. I am kicking myself and am not in good shape. I have gone through what pictures I do have and I have more than I thought, but there are still some I will never have. I feel so screwed right now. I wonder if there is a certain allotment of bad luck a certain person can go through in a short time period. I hope so because I sure feel like I've been dealt my fair (unfair) share!