Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Party, Superhero Birthday Bash, and Canyon Party

I think Birthday's are a big deal. I love celebrating and it's a great reason to get together. With a small house and lots of people to involve, we break things up a bit. The night before his actual Birthday we met my family and Brian's mom over at Mountain Mikes for some pizza. Hayden loves cheese pizza because the Ninja Turtles eat it. Afterwards, everyone came to our house for some chocolate Dunford donuts and gift opening.

At this point, he is pretending to eat for the picture. He is still a very "light" eater.
How cool is this. It is the Ninja Turtle Van. Not easy to come by. Thanks Trevor and Heather!

This gift was saved from Christmas from my parents cause we all thought he was getting too much. Well, his Birthday wasn't much different. He loved it!

Can't ever get enough of this!

He kept asking for sketchers. I am pretty sure he saw a commercial. He still believes these ones light up when he jumps really hard. Luckily, he believes they do and luckily, my mom knows I don't allow those shoes!
He's real excited about this one...
Favorite Present. Still plays with it daily. It is a "Batcave."
Blurry, but cute. Loves himself a box!

Again, thank heavens for Uncles! I love them too!

For the big #4, we decided on a superhero themed party because that is the new craze around here. I love that boys just naturally love this stuff! It was so much fun. We invited his neighbor friends and of course, his buddy Cooper. Here are some pictures from the day

My brother Jeremy is super talented. He drew some villains for the boys to throw grenade water balloons at!
Playing "pass the krytonite"

Brian worked during the day so I enlisted some help! I seriously could NOT have done it without Mary, Kacey, and Steve! It really does take a village!
Super Teagan checking things out.

That throw went the wrong direction...
Super Steve, he really is a hero around here. He comes to the rescue if Brian is unavailable.

Coops has a hard time sharing his buddy Hayden. So cute! They have always been very protective and possessive.

One kid didn't show up which worked out great for Rosie. I so wish I had made her a pink cape!

I'm no Betty Crocker, but this is my masterpiece...
These two can cause more shenanigans than anyone I know! They are cute little stinkers!

Wonder what he wished for...seriously, I do wonder!
Getting a birthday kiss from his "future wife." This is not an arranged marriage. We maybe jokingly said it once, but he came up with this on his own. You cannot convince this kid there are other fish in the sea. If you even joke about him marrying someone else, he will tell you he is marrying ROSIE! Very loyal man already!

This crime scene is quite frequent. First, you find some pants and then you find...The pants-less child. He loves attention!
Very fitting outfit for the occasion.
We did a little white trash party-after party! Babies-nude, Coop and Hayd-underoos!

Later that evening, we wanted to see some other friends of ours so we headed up the canyon. Brian's work was a disaster and he wasn't going to be able to join us after all. He got things arranged FINALLY and he came with us. I am telling you, we need a new career path!

BarkersThe Yergensens and Kacey

He opened our gifts to him up there.

Group shot.
The SomersClara, Benjamin, Gavin, Me, and Hayden-a goofy Hayden.
The Campbells and Steve. The Campbells live right next door to us on the north side. I am so glad they are nice and mellow. They may not feel the same about us. I hope our walls are soundproof and that the windows aren't too see-through! Haha, sorry!

He really NEEDS a sister. He WANTS one too!

I hope you had a Happy Birthday Hayden!