Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Silly Boy!

Hayden does the funniest things sometimes. He has been putting things on his head nonchalantly and then proceeding to do other things. He acts as if nothing is up and just goes about his business as normal. It cracks me up. The picture above is him watching a movie while the case sits on his head. The pictures below are with my parent's dog's collar on his head. Luckily it doesn't fit down to his neck!

This other picture, he was putting on my brother's ski boot and drawing on the magnadoodle and reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". Daddy will be proud to see this one. He loves this book and thinks I should read it too. Well, at least two of the three family members have read it!
This week is quite lonely with Brian out of town. He went to Vegas for a market for work. I decided that I would stay at my parents to get some kind of relief with the dog and Hayden. Right now it is near impossible to do both, especially if there is no help. My family has been great to let us crash here and give me a break with Kobe and Hayden. We miss you Honey!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kobuk the Snow Lover!

Kobuk loves the snow. As you can tell, he just digs his nose in it and eats away. I can't keep any of the males in my family from eating the snow! Kobe is becoming a little more obedient, fun, and easy to handle. We have our days, but for an eight week old puppy, he is pretty smart. He can come, sit, lay down, stay, and even shake sometimes. He knows that outside means taking care of business and that "nah" means to leave it alone, or at least try and leave it alone. Even Hayden has the "nah" down. Kobuk enjoys kibbles, bones, toys, and long walks in the neighborthood!

Uterus News!

I just thought I would update everyone on my current status of uterus issues. I went to the doctor on Tuesday to have an ultrasound and a follow up exam. The lady doing the ultrasound said she could not get any kind of an image that showed my uterus to be "heart shaped" or a bicornuate shaped uterus. She said if anything, it was arcuate, meaning that there could be a slight indent in the uterus. When my nurse came in they agreed that even if that was the case, it shouldn't affect a pregnancy. I was very relieved especially after my nurse said that she would have sent me right up to get that fixed. That translates into surgery. Well, thank heaven's Kacey was there to watch Hayden and give me moral support because she made it sound as if they would have done the operation right that second! I am sure that wasn't the case, but you never know with some of these people. So I am happy about the good news, but still confused as to why I miscarried twice in a row! I guess this means we are back to trying. Hopefully next time we can make something more than an empty sac of nothingness! The doctor did say that the next time around, he suggests that I take progesterone and a baby aspirin to help support the baby until the placenta can.

Here's to my Honey!

This is for Brian. I guess I was a little "beastly" when it came to my tag post. Brian said it sure didn't sound like I was boasting him up any. Well, I fixed it. This photo is also for all those who thought, "He won't get any use out of that stupid white elephant gift". Well, I must say that I was about to D.I. this family tradition until I caught Brian putting these on to do some homework. Pretty Snazzy Huh! That's my Bri Guy! He doesn't care about what others think about him. That is a great personality trait . He even posed for this picture.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

So I guess this comes with the territory of blogging. Here it is...

How long have you been together?
Brian and I have been married for about 2 1/2 years. We had met and and got engaged within about 4-5 months. We had met, married within 8 months, and had a baby just 3 days after our 1 year anniversary. So, met, married, and had a baby all within a 2 year period. Kind of crazy.

Who said "I Love You" first?
I basically made Brian say it one night while we were texting. I think we both knew it but I was being impatient.

Who is smarter?
Well, it depends on what we are talking about. I love Brian to death but he struggles with "common sense" sometimes. His smarts lay else where. He reads a lot more and learns a ton from what he reads. He has more patience when it comes to learning and more patience when it comes to anything. Brian sure knows his marketing! I have to say that I might be slightly smarter in some areas, but not all. I guess it depends on who you ask. I am a blonde!

Who pays the bills?
That responsibility is totally up to Brian. I hate seeing money disappear. He thinks I need to be more involved and that is probably true.

Who cooks dinner?
That would be me. We used to eat out a lot, but now that we live in our own house, I cook a lot more. Brian can cook a few different fixens when needed. He doesn't mind cooking, and has cooked on numerous occasions.

Who drives when you're in the car together?
Most of the time Brian. I am the backseat driver though because half the time we wouldn't make it to our correct destination. Brian is a good driver though. If I tell him he is going too slow, he always reminds me that his most precious cargo is inside. Also, I know this this isn't a good thing, but if I am frustrated, I like to drive.

Who is the most stubborn?
This is a tough one. Brian is the youngest and can be spoiled in some aspects so he really thinks that he knows what's up. I like to have my way though. I guess it depends on what we're trying to get. I must say that I probably get my way more. He is a pretty easy going kind of a guy.

Who wears the pants in the family?
Well, I don't know who said it first, but Brian and Steve say the same thing, "I wear the pants in the family, and now that I got them on, what do you want me to do." I would have to say I am a little more bossy. I try not to be naggy especially after living with Nancy (my grandma). Let's face it though, if I didn't give some direction, our lives would be a little messy! That goes for all women!

So now I am supposed to write 3 random things about myself...(hard to think of although there are lots of random things about me.)

I am the only girl in my family. Most of my life I have spent hating it. I always wanted a sister and it's still disturbing that I will NEVER have one, all through eternities. I look back now and not all of it was bad. I never had to wear hand-me-downs, I usually had my own room, and I was a daddy's girl. Surprisingly, being an only girl, I can sure hold my own. I even managed to lock Trevor (my older brother) outside in his underwear once.

I absolutely love being a mom. Although I get frustrated frequently, I wouldn't change it for anything. You really can't explain the love a mom has for her child. I really would do ANYTHING for Hayden. I have wanted to be a mom ever since I could talk. Just ask my parents. Even when I was a little tom-boy, I never stopped playing "house".

I enjoy photography. I did work at JcPenny's portrait studio once upon a time, but liked it long before that. I would like to have my own portrait studio in my basement here in the near future.

Well, my blog roll is pretty pathetic, but I do love the people on it. So I am going to tag, Amy, Laura, and Ally (if you haven't been tagged already).

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

There's nothing like a Grandpa

Hayden adores his Papa. Papa does absolutely ANYTHING that Hayden wants. Watching this video proves that. Who else would imitate a toddler's dance moves on camera. Hayden has this toy steering wheel/dashboard that plays music and for some reason he does the same dance to the same song every time. When my dad is over, he pats the ground and says, "Papa" and insists that he dances along with him. I love his Papa too. I don't know what we'd do without him!

This other picture is of my dad reading to Hayden. When he heard that is was time for Grandpa to leave, he made his Papa go upstairs and find books to read to him. Of course Grandpa couldn't pass that offer up.


So meet the new dog, Kobuk (Kobe). I guess he is a keeper despite what my opinion was. Kobuk is about 75% German Shepherd, 25% Lab. He is a very cute dog but he is just so much work. I ended up having to drop my class this semester due to this mutt! I can't believe I am allowing this. Just over a week ago, I swore I wouldn't get a dog until my kids were begging and pleading. I have nothing against dogs, in fact I usually love dogs, but I just didn't think this was a good time. A new house, a busy toddler, both being students, and trying to get pregnant again. Despite what Brian's story is, he talked me into it and I got all excited. What a disaster! Kobe is now just over 6 weeks old and is very obedient (for some) most of the time. Brian decided to make me a "schedule" the other day because I was on a rampage about all of this. I said, "No, you didn't"! Can you believe that. I told him, I am not going to follow a schedule YOU made. I am the one that is home, you don't know what we do all day, I have told you I would be okay WITHOUT a dog, and I have sacrificed getting school done for this! I am sure I will end up loving this dog to death, but so far, Kobe and I are not on the greatest of terms. With kids, you don't ever want them to grow up. In this case, I CAN'T wait!

"Me Love"

Hayden absolutely loves the song "Me Love". He even knows when the chorus comes and gets ready for it. This video is of him singing it while listening to it on my little brothers phone. He beats to it and then belts it out. It has us rolling on the ground laughing sometimes. If you ask him what Uncle Trenton's phone says, he starts singing it again. Hayden loves music just like his mom!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Our Cute House!

Here's for all those who have requested pictures of the house. Here is the outside anyways. I would take pictures of the inside if I wasn't so insanely busy and could clean it. I was able to get a hold of myself over the weekend while Brian was home, but today being Monday, I am starting to fall apart again. The puppy got way too spoiled over the weekend so he thinks that every hour, he should get out and go for a nice long walk. Well, I CAN'T HANDLE IT! I tried to take him for a walk, but it was a wreck. Brian took the nice stroller in his car, so I was left with the crappy one. So while I am trying to push that one handed,while pulling the puppy along on the leash, Hayden starts crying because he is cold. I stop to try and warm his hands up and the puppy jumps up onto Hayden and slimes his pants I had just barely washed and dressed him in. Anyways, here is the house and my life in the nutshell. I love my house but I have forgotten how it feels to ENJOY it!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Busy Couple of Days!

Here is Hayden wearing a stupid floating basketball hoop for the pool. It is from the dollar store and I would love to throw it away but Hayden and his buddy Cooper both insist on wearing it on their heads! I even took the bottom part off to try and make it lose it's novelty This is literally a cheap thrill.

Hayden watched Thomas the Train while getting his haircut.
Kobuk and Hayden playing at home for the first time.

Where do I start? Wow! Yesterday was a little crazy and the craziness continues today. We decided to have soft water put in yesterday and what an adventure it has been. After that was put in I took Hayden to get a haircut finally. He won't sit still for my sister-in-law or my mom so I took him to a place called cookie cutters. He screamed for a few minutes but then he did really well and they gave him a cute haircut. That is $16 later. Oh well, it was worth the price. So, I get home and later in the evening I discover a weird noise in the garage and some leakage. We let it go after trying to figure out the problem and go pick up our new addition to the family. Not the greatest time, but he's pretty dang cute and I needed some extra protection with Brian traveling for work this year. This morning I wake up a little sleep deprived because unlike our son, the dog woke up every two hours during the night. I go downstairs to look for something to block the puppy off, and find more water running down the wall. I go to call Brian and Hayden is calling out my name from his room. A little frazzled and frustrated I have been. Now my wall in the garage is ripped apart and I have no running water. To top it off, an 18 month old who demands my attention and a tiny puppy who is only 5 weeks old. I started school yesterday, but was not able to log in. Better luck tomorrow!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Best Buddies!

Hayden has his very best buddy in the world named Cooper! I thought I would finally post some pictures of the two of them. I have never seen two babies act the way they do together. If you even slightly mention Cooper's name, Hayden says "Pooper" and puts his hands in the air wondering where he is. He gets so excited to see him. He has even learned what car his mom drives so any time we see a car that slightly resembles their car, he gets so excited and happy, starts laughing, and says "Pooper". They love playing together even though at this age they can get quite possessive and territorial at times. We have decided that the best way to shop is at Costco or somewhere where they have seats in the carts for two of them. They sit and hug the whole time we shop. Hayden will also eat better if Coop is around because if Cooper eats it, it must be okay. Hayden is usually shoving food in Cooper's mouth too. It is so funny. They make each other laugh so hard sometimes that I end up in tears laughing so hard. It's amazing that babies can communicate in a way that is so hilarious to each other. These two have been together ever since Cooper was born just 6 weeks after Hayden. Thank Heaven for Best Buddies!

Dreadful January

I hope that everyone is enjoying the new year. Not much is new here. We did start 9:00 church again for the 3rd time in a row. Ever since we've been married, we move and get the 9:00 church. We did just get about a 5 week break of having another awful time for church which was 1:30 till 4:30. I decided that with a baby, no time is a great time for church. Hayden absolutely hates nursery in the new ward. Last week he finally decided to join in for singing time and started to follow directions. This past week it was back to mommy's lap. Of coarse, we were only there 25 minutes since I was soooo on time! Brian and I will start another semester of school, but thank heavens it's my last. At least, I hope. None of the advisors seem to know what they're talking about at the lovely Salt Lake Community College. I have been told different things in the past, but last time I checked, I will be done after just 1 more class.