Saturday, July 11, 2009

4 years baby!

Our Anniversary was on June 8th. I can't believe Brian and I have been married for 4 years! Wow! It seems like yesterday we were getting married. Does there seem to be a trend in my posts? Yes, I have a concept of time, it is just extremely fast around here! It's been such a fun adventure. Fairy Tale stories annoy me and I am not here to gag you all. Yes, we are in love, but all marriages have up's and down's. Go ahead finish the joke...Seriously though, life couldn't get any better right now. Brian gave me the most precious gift ever. I have the 2 most handsome, healthy, funny, well behaved boys this world has to offer. I love being a mom. I have not once regretted the decision to start having kids soon after we were married. I also don't regret getting married at the young age of 20. Best thing that ever happened to me. I am so amazed by Brian everyday. The recent experience of Brian losing his job was one of our biggest blessings ever. Brian is finally doing what he wants and I don't think I would have allowed him to quit a job and do this. He is sweet enough to never go against something I want (stability), so again, a blessing. I won't lie, I never knew that Brian had this business sense in him. I am so proud of him. He really is a goal setter and achiever. I love that about him. I am the type to never set goals because I am afraid of failure. He is not that person. I respect him for so many things. He is such a good husband and father. His career now allows us much more time with him. We have become closer as a family and this has been so good for us.

For our anniversary, we went to "a hole in the wall" Mexican joint. I love this kind of food. That is what we were in the mood for that night. Since we can't be gone long, we then went and joined my parents and Hayden for the movie, "UP." It was a good time, yet a bit non-traditional.

Let me just share something with you all. The first anniversary was spent with a Relief Society dinner since Hayden had been born 3 days prior. If I remember right, it wasn't the most delicious, but I'm sure whoever made it was not aware they were supplying us with our 1st Anniversary meal. We then loaded up 3 day old Hayden and post-pregnancy Robyn, and headed over to my parents for some frozen 1 year old wedding cake. It was memorable but again, non-traditional. Honestly, I don't really remember Anniversaries 2 and 3. 4 wasn't exciting either. Hang tight because I straight up told Brian that #5 better be freaking AMAZING!

In four years we have had 2 kids, been pregnant 4 times, lived 3 different places, bought our first home, both graduated school, had many of job changes, several church callings, made new friends and many other fun and exciting things. Truly an amazing journey. I love you Babe!

The Birthday Bash

Hayden's big obsession right now is bugs. Don't ask why, it is a rather odd love/hate relationship with them. He will dig for them, look for them, talk about them, etc., but as soon as there is an unexpected close encounter, he goes crazy. Sometimes he will let an occasional bug crawl on his fingers but not too often. I can't explain his relationship with creepy crawlies. Anyways, we threw him a bug party for his friend party. This year he had more of his own friends to invite to his birthday. Funny that until then, it is your friends that are their friends. It was a lot of fun. We had a bug (brown sprinkles) eating contest, bug hunt, pin the spider on the web, bug juice, caterpillar cupcakes, spider cakes, gummy worms, and all things bugs. We even made ladybug and bumble bee balloons. It was so much fun to have a house full of toddlers and their parents. Thanks to all those who were in attendance. I will post the pictures in a short while!

Hayden took it upon himself to open a present while I was upstairs getting ready. I heard him doing something and I asked him what he was up to. He replied, "just reading this book."
Bug (brown sprinkles) eating contest. Some of the kids were not too into it but caught on a little bit later.
And here they are again digging in.
Close-up of Hayden
At this age, apparently, opening presents is a group activity. Spider cakeCaterpillar cupcakesSinging "Happy Birthday To You"Eating spider legs. Mmmm.Playing outside with some of the gifts.

Hayden is 3!

I did a birthday post for my little man on his actual birthday but left out his stats. As my last post read, the appointment for Hayden's 3 years and Teagan's 6 months was scheduled for June 5th. Hayden has yet to go to his appointment. I canceled his because we decided to do Teagan's on the sick visit. My pediatrician said you might as well wait and see if the insurance issue and not having it and all, would improve. She said it really didn't matter when he came in as long as it was within a year of turning 3. It is schedule so don't worry, mom! I remember scheduling his 3 year at his 2 year appoinment and thinking, "see ya people, a year is an awfully long time!" That year came and gone way too fast!

Hayden weighs inbetween 32 and 33 pounds. He fluctuates (who doesn't). I will measure his height soon and put it here_______. Hayden is such a good boy but he is still 3. From time to time I have thought, "I can't wait until you are four", and "this is not my favorite age!" I was warned for this time. I still love every minute of it. He may be difficult on certain occasions, but worth every bit of it. He is hightly entertaining with the things he says and does. He continues to be a picky eater but not as bad as some. His favorite foods are peanut butter sandwhich, apples, maceroni, waffles or pancakes with syrup and peanut butter, pasta, pizza, cereal, fruit snacks, bread, watermelon, occasional grape or two, chicken nuggets, sometimes other forms of chicken, anything sprinkled with parmesan cheese (this is his "ranch dip"). To be honest, not are these his favorites, but possible his whole diet plan. At least he eats right?

Hayden recognizes and knows the sounds of almost all the letters. One thing I can't figure out is how he forgot to count. Oh well, it will come back to him. Hayden has started doing a little preschool with 3 other boys his age in the neighborhood. Us mom's take turns and do it at our house. It is so fun for the boys. I call them the handsome foursome.

Hayden loves to sing songs, read books, watch Sprouts & movies, play with his friends, go to the park, make Teagan happy, go swimming, dig for bugs, and many other activities. He is so much fun. He is a smart little guy and continues to surprise me with the stuff he comes up with. Absolutely nothing gets past this kid. We adore him to pieces!

The first day at my house for preschool. This was when Melanie and I started it as a test run before adding Luke and Jonas. They love school and playing with their buds.What goofs!

Teagan 6 months

It is time to do both a 6 month and 7 month update on my baby boy but I will do them one at a time. Teagan was 6 month on the 24th of May. Too long ago. I'm not doing to well on catching up, but I will get there. I think once I am caught up, I won't feel so hopeless.

Teagan's 6 month appointment with the Dr. was an absolute disaster. I took him in a few days before his actual appointment because he had a weird rash and wasn't feeling too good. Hayden and him were both schedule for an appointment the next week I believe. Since it was supposedly just a sick visit, the nurse told me we only needed a "close" weight. She was going to weigh him in clothes and a diaper. I told her I would like a more accurate weight so I at least changed the wet diaper. Let's just say that after three different weghts, I am still not quite sure what he weighed exactly. I am pretty sure it was around 16.8. The reasoning behind the different weights, After that nurse weighed him and I had a visit with the doctor, she decided to just go ahead and do his 6 months since we don't have that thing called insurance. So, when yet another nurse came by to weigh him properly, of course, it was different. I was okay with that seeing that she did it the right way. The problem then, it was recorded at a completely different weight than either of the numbers I had seen on the scale. Incompetent!

The height, not much better! The first nurse stuck the pencil about 3 inches behind his head. I was thinking, "hmm, cutting off 3 inches off the top of his head makes a lot of sense!" Not! When his real nurse came in and told me he had shrunk since his 4 month appointment I said, "no kidding, the nurse before measured him rather oddly!" That was fixed. He was about 26 1/2 inches long. I thought he would be taller. Hayden had grown out of the baby carseat by that age due to height. He still had a couple inches to go.

He got some shots and after had waiting about 1 1/2 hours to see the doctor, having multiple measurings and weighings, all while being shoved in a very small room (with only so many painted on animals you can talk about) with a toddler who was bored stiff and extremely talkative, we were finally out of there. It was a terrible visit. I do still love my pediatrician. Just not waiting forever after your scheduled appointment and seeing the other incompetent nurses! Side note, Teagan hardly cries when he gets shots. So sweet. Makes me less on the verge of tears.

Teag is still sitting up, rolling (not often), say's momma and dadda, eating rice cereal, etc. Here are some of Teagan's 6 month pictures.

Those eyes are still striking to me. I love how he sucks on his botton lip. It is actually red and chapped most of the time now.
Loves gnawing on his fingers.

He is amused by grass. Hayden would lift all limbs off the grass when he was on it. Teagan, on the other hand, loves it and if you put him on a blanket, he will reach and pull the blanket aside until he can rip out a handful. He has even been caught tasting it a few times.
This picture is a little blurry. It wasn't meant to be a picture of just him but because he was the only decent one in the picture and had such a sweet pose going for him, I cropped it and kept it!I can't believe how fast he is growing up. After having your first, you realize how fast the time flies. Although I try and enjoy every moment, life still happens and time still goes on. It hasn't slowed down even a bit. I love being a mom!