Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summa Trips!

We have been very lucky to go on a couple family trips. They have mostly been LONG weekend trips but we will take them! Our first adventure was to Lake Powell. We left Teagan home with my parents again this year. Brian and Hayden had the hardest time with this idea this year instead of me. Hayden kept mentioning that we could think about him while we were away and I had to talk him out of taking an 8x10 picture of Teagan with us. So sweet. As much as they can fight, they sure do love each other. Teagan wasn't too excited about being left behind but going to Cowabunga Bay with his Uncles was motivation enough to have a tearless goodbye.

Hayden loved the wienie rides this year. As you can tell, he kept giving a thumbs up sign telling his uncles to drive FASTER!

Have to show off my man's bod. Plus, I know he'll appreciate the picture in 40 years too :)

These two riding the wienie was by far the funniest thing everOur accommodations for the tripWe did a few fireworks while we were there.

Boat rides still put Hayden to sleep.
Hayden's new adventure this year was trying wake surfing for the first time. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and was very proud!Blair and HaydenHayden and RachelOh how we love Lake Powell!

Our next getaway was to Aunt Cheryl's cabin over the 24th of July Weekend...

Thanks Cheryl for the fun weekend!

Our next journey was to Yellowstone National Park...

Mr. Independant

This is when he told us he was going to get a tube and go down the waterfall by himself. He really did believe he could.
The "in shape" crowd hiked down to the lower falls.
Something wrong with this picture. This was a common scene.

The only bear sightings we had this time was at the wolf and bear discovery park across the street from Yellowstone's entrance.

We also had a little weekend get-away to Park City with the Gardners and the Scotts...

We are sure lucky to have some hook-ups!