Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So meet the new dog, Kobuk (Kobe). I guess he is a keeper despite what my opinion was. Kobuk is about 75% German Shepherd, 25% Lab. He is a very cute dog but he is just so much work. I ended up having to drop my class this semester due to this mutt! I can't believe I am allowing this. Just over a week ago, I swore I wouldn't get a dog until my kids were begging and pleading. I have nothing against dogs, in fact I usually love dogs, but I just didn't think this was a good time. A new house, a busy toddler, both being students, and trying to get pregnant again. Despite what Brian's story is, he talked me into it and I got all excited. What a disaster! Kobe is now just over 6 weeks old and is very obedient (for some) most of the time. Brian decided to make me a "schedule" the other day because I was on a rampage about all of this. I said, "No, you didn't"! Can you believe that. I told him, I am not going to follow a schedule YOU made. I am the one that is home, you don't know what we do all day, I have told you I would be okay WITHOUT a dog, and I have sacrificed getting school done for this! I am sure I will end up loving this dog to death, but so far, Kobe and I are not on the greatest of terms. With kids, you don't ever want them to grow up. In this case, I CAN'T wait!


The Gardners said...

How could you NOT love that little cute face? Kobert really is a cute dog. I don't care what you say, his name is KoBERT. It just fits! Ha! I love it! Come home soon, cuz it's almost been 24 hours since I've seen you guys! :)

Rogers Family Blog said...

So cute. I can't believe you dropped your class b/c of the dog. I have to say our dog has grown on me and I think i actually love it more than anyone else in the family. So, there is hope. miss you guys. kelli