Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Busy Couple of Days!

Here is Hayden wearing a stupid floating basketball hoop for the pool. It is from the dollar store and I would love to throw it away but Hayden and his buddy Cooper both insist on wearing it on their heads! I even took the bottom part off to try and make it lose it's novelty This is literally a cheap thrill.

Hayden watched Thomas the Train while getting his haircut.
Kobuk and Hayden playing at home for the first time.

Where do I start? Wow! Yesterday was a little crazy and the craziness continues today. We decided to have soft water put in yesterday and what an adventure it has been. After that was put in I took Hayden to get a haircut finally. He won't sit still for my sister-in-law or my mom so I took him to a place called cookie cutters. He screamed for a few minutes but then he did really well and they gave him a cute haircut. That is $16 later. Oh well, it was worth the price. So, I get home and later in the evening I discover a weird noise in the garage and some leakage. We let it go after trying to figure out the problem and go pick up our new addition to the family. Not the greatest time, but he's pretty dang cute and I needed some extra protection with Brian traveling for work this year. This morning I wake up a little sleep deprived because unlike our son, the dog woke up every two hours during the night. I go downstairs to look for something to block the puppy off, and find more water running down the wall. I go to call Brian and Hayden is calling out my name from his room. A little frazzled and frustrated I have been. Now my wall in the garage is ripped apart and I have no running water. To top it off, an 18 month old who demands my attention and a tiny puppy who is only 5 weeks old. I started school yesterday, but was not able to log in. Better luck tomorrow!


Rogers Family Blog said...

I am so happy you have started a blog! Wow! Great job on it! Now I can keep connected even though you aren't next door anymore, which I do miss. I can't believe you GOT A DOG! You guys are insane. I bet you know that by now. Why didn't you just take ours? I have to say your puppy is cute though.

The Smiths said...

Life with the puppy will get better and Hayden will love him. Rachel loves visiting her grandparents in Texas with their 3 dogs.