Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Silly Boy!

Hayden does the funniest things sometimes. He has been putting things on his head nonchalantly and then proceeding to do other things. He acts as if nothing is up and just goes about his business as normal. It cracks me up. The picture above is him watching a movie while the case sits on his head. The pictures below are with my parent's dog's collar on his head. Luckily it doesn't fit down to his neck!

This other picture, he was putting on my brother's ski boot and drawing on the magnadoodle and reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". Daddy will be proud to see this one. He loves this book and thinks I should read it too. Well, at least two of the three family members have read it!
This week is quite lonely with Brian out of town. He went to Vegas for a market for work. I decided that I would stay at my parents to get some kind of relief with the dog and Hayden. Right now it is near impossible to do both, especially if there is no help. My family has been great to let us crash here and give me a break with Kobe and Hayden. We miss you Honey!


The Gardners said...

We miss you guys! It hasn't been the same with Brian gone and you at your parents. Give me a call later if you can stomach coming over to the "West Bench" later today. ;)

Love you guys...Hayden is so dang cute! Sad to miss all the cute stuff he's doing!

The Lunds said...

I miss you guys beyond all measure - be home soon though then its off to NY, least we'll all be 2gether!!!!

Rogers Family Blog said...

Hayden is getting so big. This age is fun and busy! Why don't you come stay at g-ma nancy's? By the way, group dinner coming up (tell the gardners they are welcome to come) so i'll call you and give you the details. are you ready for spring yet? I for sure am sick of the snow. hang in there while brian is gone.