Monday, January 7, 2008

Best Buddies!

Hayden has his very best buddy in the world named Cooper! I thought I would finally post some pictures of the two of them. I have never seen two babies act the way they do together. If you even slightly mention Cooper's name, Hayden says "Pooper" and puts his hands in the air wondering where he is. He gets so excited to see him. He has even learned what car his mom drives so any time we see a car that slightly resembles their car, he gets so excited and happy, starts laughing, and says "Pooper". They love playing together even though at this age they can get quite possessive and territorial at times. We have decided that the best way to shop is at Costco or somewhere where they have seats in the carts for two of them. They sit and hug the whole time we shop. Hayden will also eat better if Coop is around because if Cooper eats it, it must be okay. Hayden is usually shoving food in Cooper's mouth too. It is so funny. They make each other laugh so hard sometimes that I end up in tears laughing so hard. It's amazing that babies can communicate in a way that is so hilarious to each other. These two have been together ever since Cooper was born just 6 weeks after Hayden. Thank Heaven for Best Buddies!