Thursday, January 24, 2008

Uterus News!

I just thought I would update everyone on my current status of uterus issues. I went to the doctor on Tuesday to have an ultrasound and a follow up exam. The lady doing the ultrasound said she could not get any kind of an image that showed my uterus to be "heart shaped" or a bicornuate shaped uterus. She said if anything, it was arcuate, meaning that there could be a slight indent in the uterus. When my nurse came in they agreed that even if that was the case, it shouldn't affect a pregnancy. I was very relieved especially after my nurse said that she would have sent me right up to get that fixed. That translates into surgery. Well, thank heaven's Kacey was there to watch Hayden and give me moral support because she made it sound as if they would have done the operation right that second! I am sure that wasn't the case, but you never know with some of these people. So I am happy about the good news, but still confused as to why I miscarried twice in a row! I guess this means we are back to trying. Hopefully next time we can make something more than an empty sac of nothingness! The doctor did say that the next time around, he suggests that I take progesterone and a baby aspirin to help support the baby until the placenta can.


The Lunds said...

I am way relieved about this too!!! bl

The Gardners said...

Oh Robyn!! You are the funniest girl! Empty sac of nothingness? Seriously, I love you!!!