Monday, January 7, 2008

Dreadful January

I hope that everyone is enjoying the new year. Not much is new here. We did start 9:00 church again for the 3rd time in a row. Ever since we've been married, we move and get the 9:00 church. We did just get about a 5 week break of having another awful time for church which was 1:30 till 4:30. I decided that with a baby, no time is a great time for church. Hayden absolutely hates nursery in the new ward. Last week he finally decided to join in for singing time and started to follow directions. This past week it was back to mommy's lap. Of coarse, we were only there 25 minutes since I was soooo on time! Brian and I will start another semester of school, but thank heavens it's my last. At least, I hope. None of the advisors seem to know what they're talking about at the lovely Salt Lake Community College. I have been told different things in the past, but last time I checked, I will be done after just 1 more class.