Monday, January 14, 2008

Our Cute House!

Here's for all those who have requested pictures of the house. Here is the outside anyways. I would take pictures of the inside if I wasn't so insanely busy and could clean it. I was able to get a hold of myself over the weekend while Brian was home, but today being Monday, I am starting to fall apart again. The puppy got way too spoiled over the weekend so he thinks that every hour, he should get out and go for a nice long walk. Well, I CAN'T HANDLE IT! I tried to take him for a walk, but it was a wreck. Brian took the nice stroller in his car, so I was left with the crappy one. So while I am trying to push that one handed,while pulling the puppy along on the leash, Hayden starts crying because he is cold. I stop to try and warm his hands up and the puppy jumps up onto Hayden and slimes his pants I had just barely washed and dressed him in. Anyways, here is the house and my life in the nutshell. I love my house but I have forgotten how it feels to ENJOY it!


Rogers Family Blog said...

Okay, Robyn, I know your pain with the puppy thing and kid crying at the same time. Now, i have to walk Dottie at 10:30 pm when all the kids are in bed for exactly the same reasons you have said. It is crazy. I love your home. I tell Chad how cute it is all the time. I have to come and see it in the daylight. I miss you guys a lot. kelli