Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kobuk the Snow Lover!

Kobuk loves the snow. As you can tell, he just digs his nose in it and eats away. I can't keep any of the males in my family from eating the snow! Kobe is becoming a little more obedient, fun, and easy to handle. We have our days, but for an eight week old puppy, he is pretty smart. He can come, sit, lay down, stay, and even shake sometimes. He knows that outside means taking care of business and that "nah" means to leave it alone, or at least try and leave it alone. Even Hayden has the "nah" down. Kobuk enjoys kibbles, bones, toys, and long walks in the neighborthood!


The Lunds said...

You do such a good job with this blog honey. I love you!

Rogers Family Blog said...

What good owners to already be doing all those things. Can Dottie come and play...for a few years? Just kiddin', we love her. p.s. i am tring to do this dinner group again and I need you and Brian back. We'll let you know when it is so you HAVE to come.