Monday, February 4, 2008

First Experiences in New Jersey!

Well here we are on another adventurous vacation. Yep, that's right, the Lunds set off for an expedition to New Jersey. So, how would you guess the vacation is going so far? We decided to bring Hayden if that gives you any hints. I thought that a vacation with the two of us would be nice, but since Brian only got to see him one day before we took off again, we brought him along. I would have missed him terribly, but this place is not family friendly.

We started off the trip with a 4 hour flight to Newark, New Jersey. Hayden did really well until the last little stretch. He was tired, hungry, restless, and his ears were bothering him. We struggled with him for about an hour or so before we finally landed. The flight attendants and other passengers were so nice and helpful. The people here are very friendly, for the most part. It's surprising to see the difference in attitudes between here and Salt Lake City. Hayden has been a hit with most people we've met.

After the flight, it was time to catch a train to Edison, where our Hotel was. Catching the train went well, but what happened next was a huge nightmare. They announce that the next stop is Edison. I quickly gather Hayden, the stroller, and a bag and wait as Brian retrieves the other luggage. The train stops and I hop on off. I turn around to wait for Brian only to see the train door shut in his face and start speeding off. There I was, alone in New Jersey, at midnight, with a freezing and screaming 20 month old! We had forgotten to pack his coat so all he had was a hooded sweatshirt. It was sitting at my mom's house, ready to be packed, but never made it! I was shaking. I had no idea in the world what to do next. I became very trusting and desperate. I asked a couple to take me to the other side where a train would come along, hopefully bringing my husband. They told me where to go and sent me on my way. I went up to wait and the stupid waiting room was locked. I sat there with one other guy. Yeah, SCARY! I call my mom in hysterics. I just had to talk to someone. I have to hang up shortly because Hayden was non-stop screaming. I mean, doing the "I can't breathe" screaming. I try all that I could to stop him but he wouldn't. I tried to keep him wrapped in his blanket, but he wouldn't. I sat there for about a half an hour before Brian showed up in a Taxi. I was lucky my phone haden't died on me. It had one bar left. We hop on a Taxi and head to the motel. The guy was nice, but these taxi rides are WILD! Yeah, not to mention that we they have no carseats!

You may think, that I would have locked myself in the room after this. However, I decided to venture out of the room the next day. Brian was working at the Market, so I decided to finally go get us some food. We had eaten Pop Tarts for dinner and breakfast. We only had leftover apple juice from the plane for Hayden. I go downstairs to find the restaraunt. I go in and the place is flooded with typical New Jersey people. I decide on a simple turkey sandwich, juice and milk. The total, $20.00. The sandwich was outrageously huge. Between Hayden and I, we ate maybe an eighth of it. Later, I venture out again down the hallway, to get a bottled water. The guy vacuuming eyed me down the entire time. Not even secretively. He stared as I walked down the hall, as I got my drink, and even watched to see what room I went in. Sure enough, a few seconds later I hear a vacuum right outside my door. Oh brother!

That night we called a taxi to go to the Cheesecake Factory. We walked right in and sat right down. That's right you Salt Lake Succors! No three hour wait like the one in Murray. It was delicious food, but yet another nightmare. As we are eating the delicious bread appetizer, Hayden starts pulling "the face". I let him do his business and then I decide to change him before the meal comes. I realized I had three wipes left. Hayden's job didn't seem complete, so I only used two wipes. During dinner, "the face" comes again. When we finish, I decide to change him again so we can go to the store. As I set him down on the changing table, I notice my arm is a little "moist". GREAT! I pull down his pants and notice it is all over his onesie, pants, leg, etc. Yeah, most of it did not even land in the diaper. What the Heck! I clean up as best as I can with 1, yes, 1 wipe. Not cutting it, I have to use toilet paper. I clean him up as best as I can, but it was not at all efficient enough. I had to use paper towels, soap, and water to clean off the changing station. I put the toilet paper and paper towels in the toilet, but it won't flush. It was an automatic sensor toilet. Usually those things suck everything down in sight when you least expect it, but it wouldn't budge. I leave the restroom a little frazzled and tell Brian we need to go. The stench of poop was a little overwhelming. We had to stop at a grocery store before we went back to the hotel because it costs about $20 to go 3 miles. We walk across the street to Target and quickly do our shopping. By this time, Hayden must have done it again. It was down his leg again, on his pants, and even his socks! We hurry and call a cab. They say he will be about 10 minutes. No, No, we waited about an hour with a screaming toddler again! Finally, the creepiest man I have ever encountered, shows up. He is smoking in the car. My nerves were just building up inside. I climb on in and roll down the window. That was so inconsiderate of him. If it was just Brian and I, I would have been irritated, but okay. But when a baby is in the car, come on! Brian decides to give the address, not the hotel name, to try and convince him that we are not tourists. The driver had serious issues. He was so rude. Here is a small conversation Brian and him had:

Driver: "Where are you going?"
Brian: gives the address
Driver: "What's the best way to get there?"
Brian: "take the turnpike"
Driver: "TURNPIKE?"
Brian: "That's what google map said"
Driver: sighs.

The driver did insist on Hayden being buckled in. Oh yeah, like that is going to do any good. Instead, he just screamed and screamed and screamed. I thought the driver was going to kill us. He let out the loudest, most obvious sigh of disgust ever. Dude, if you can smoke with my son in the backseat, then deal with the screaming! No lie, this guy drove maybe 15 miles per hour the whole way home. He was either high or drunk. Non the less, the safest drive we had yet in a taxi. When we get closer he asks, "Do you know where it is?" It was not worth saving a couple dollars. "Yes", I said. "It is the Holiday Inn".

I keep reminding Brian that I would have been okay leaving Hayden with my parents, but oh well. He says, "why reopen old wounds?" I say, "because they are still in the making!"

I guess I have accomplished what I came here to do. I can at least say I have been to New Jersey. I will keep you updated on the rest of our adventure.


The Gardners said...

I wish you were home! Or that I was there with you. I could really use my friend Robyn right now! I'm sorry Jersey isn't all it's cracked up to be...oh wait...I think it is! Ha! Anyway, it was nice to talk to you this morning. You really helped calm me down. I'm telling you, I was kind of a mess. Can't wait to hear more about the adventures of Brian and Robyn and Hayden in Jersey!!! Love you all very much!

Rogers Family Blog said...

Oh my. What a trip so far. I swear, this sounds very familiar to some extent when we "try" to vacation with the kidlets. It just ends up being crazy! But i tell you, you will never forget this and eventually laugh. Hang in there. I guess it makes you appreciate home more. I needed this to remind me that SLC is not so bad, especially as I am not wanting to be here with all this snow. xoxo kelli

Taylor Family said...

Oh no! I think you have made up my mind, Emma is NOT coming with us to Hawaii in May! I am so sorry! Hopefully you get back safe.