Friday, August 1, 2008

Hayden's first sleevoper

Hayden has had the privilege to have Cooper come spend the night at his house for the first time. He has loved every moment of it. Our night started at my parent's house for spaghetti dinner which neither of the little boys ate because they were too busy bowling in the front room. We then went to Brian's last softball game. Cooper was so intrigued by it all. He loves sports more than any 2 year old I know. Hayden and Cooper kept shouting, "Go Daddy!" It's always fun to have the two of them together. They argued in the car about who's daddy Brian was but all Cooper was trying to tell Hayden is that his Dad's name is "Ry." Last night the boys got a good scrub down since they spent their day on the hospital floor and dirty bleachers at the park. We had to remove a couple of items from the tub because Cooper is very "peculiar" and wouldn't sit down until they were gone. He hated the bubbles and was absolutely frightened by the rubber snake. When we were all cuddled into the "thank goodness" King bed of ours, we read books, sang songs, drank milk (brushed teeth after), etc. We moved the boys onto a comfy bed on the floor which Cooper ended up being the only participant who stayed there all the way until morning. They have had so much fun together and I just love it. I've actually been able to get some housework done this morning without feeling guilty or having Hayden want to do something else. I know not everything would be easier with 2 kids, but some things just are.
After the tub, they got a huge kick out of being wrapped in towels and laying next to each other.
Laying in bed just livin' it up. We had to go searching for another binky after Cooper saw Hayden with his. we tried to convince Hayden that he didn't need one because Cooper didn't but it worked the other way around. Dang!
Playing with choo choo trains after Hayden woke his sleeping friend up at 7:45 a.m. First thing Hayden said when he woke up was, "Where Cooper go?"


Amy and Ken said...

What cute little friends!