Monday, March 3, 2008

St George

So it was time for a good ol' vacation. I was getting so depressed with this crappy cold weather and Hayden has been grouchy and sick. We needed to get away and to somewhere warm and a place Brian could not get lost. We went down with the Scott's to stay in Mary's family's townhouse. We had a blast and the little boys were so good. I was NOT ready to come home! We pulled into Salt Lake wearing our summer attire and boy was it freezing. Stupid winter! I am a winter person only in the month of December.Here the BIG boys are on the race track. The ride was "cut short" because Brian didn't want to obey the rules. "Ramming people is what you're supposed to do," he says!
Just Chillin'
Cooper wasn't enjoying his relaxation time quite as much as Hayden.
Ahhh, what could be better than a little snooze after a hard hour of Blue's Clues?
Here we are eating at the classic Pizza Factory.
Watching Blue's Clues again! My son has a few obsession issues.
Pregnant and waiting to eat, what else can be said?
Shopping at Old Navy. At least the boys can find a way to entertain themselves and the rest of the people in the stores.
Another picture of us having a good old time at Fiesta Fun! Of course I didn't go on vacation, I was the invisible photographer. "What the Heck is that all about!" At least I was able to make it into the Pizza Factory Photos, Yes!
The boys hated the tub on the trip. They usually don't mind bathing. I just don't understand why you wouldn't want to sit in a tub with your friend soaking up each other's filth?
Just a cute picture.
This was funny because while Mary and I were talking to each other I looked over and this is how I found him. I wondered, "why is he doing that," and then I realized that both Mary and I were shading our eyes while we talked. Monkey see, monkey do!
Cooper was finally happy and ready to say "Cheese." Thank heaven for Motrin!
Do we have ourselves a pair of couch potatoes or what?


The Smiths said...

Warm weather - we're jealous! It looks like you guys had a great time. :)

Taylor Family said...

This is just what I think we need. A trip to good ol' St. George. It's not too far and much warmer than here! Maybe we will have to leave Emma at my mom's for a weekend and head down for some fun! GOOD IDEA!

Rogers Family Blog said...

Oh.. So jealous. I can't wait for spring. I think everyone has the Fever! Are you guys on for This Saturday night? I will call you about it.

Taylor Family said...

It's totally time to get our kids together. Kacey is good usually on Tuesday and Thursdays. Both are open for me next week. You gals talk it over and tell me what day you want to come over!