Sunday, March 16, 2008

Soul Mate, Play Date!

Hayden had a play date last week with a new friend named Emma. Emma and Hayden are sooooo much alike. When we showed up to their house, Hayden immediately found Shrek ears in Emma's room. We also saw that Emma owned a Shrek chair and other memorabilia. Can you say Soul Mates?
I love Emma's face in this one. What a cutie!
Silly children, play dates are for mom's too! I love getting out and chatting with other adults. I especially love letting Hayden play and getting a little break for myself. I met Kim off of Kacey's blog. Yes, I blog stalked her. She had Kacey and I over for lunch and a play date. It was a blast. Kim is very sweet and I am glad we got to meet her and Emma in person.


The Gardners said...

How cute are we??? That was a fun day! I love my friends!!

Ken and Amy said...

How fun!

khoggie said...

Open the picture in Photoshop and then click on the Type Tool. Create a box on the picture and then type in it. You can get a little more creative with the wording by choosing a different font and font size or color.

Rogers Family Blog said...

How fun. They are so cute together! I love this world of Internet; you can find friends, soul mates, etc. it's the greatest.