Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter at Grandma & Grandpa's

Hayden got to find the eggs we dyed the weekend before Easter. He enjoyed it thoroughly because this time, he already knew what to do. He was so fun to watch. He kept wanted "moe eggs". He was also very upset at the end when there was not an official "spot" in the container for the 19th egg. He may be a perfectionist.
Thanks Trevor for being the official "egg holder."
Grandma and Grandpa had the Easter Bunny visit their house too. His basket had the movie "Toy Story" in it along with a Buzz flip phone and candy. Buzz is the new obsession!
Hello, is anyone there? Easter was very fun this year. It came a little too soon, but it is still nice to know that Spring is officially here! On Sunday we were also able to go visit Brian's dad. Sorry there are no pictures, due to the fact he wasn't dressed! Ahhhh! I wish I had known him when he was healthy and for that matter, I wish Brian did too. We felt so sorry for him. It is so sad the trials we have to go through in this life. Especially when we have no control over them. Easter is a perfect time to think about how it won't always have to be this way.


Amy and Ken said...

GOOD JOB TREVOR! :) Hayden had a busy Easter!