Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Our sweet neighbors across the street had an Easter egg hunt at their house on Saturday. Luckily we didn't have to deal with the insane crowds of the city egg hunts. I remember those as a kid. It was life or death, survival of the fittest. This was a little more relaxing. It took awhile to catch on, but he did. He also caught on to the fact that because he is so cute and so spoiled, if he would point at the egg and say "egg", then one of his parents would come to the rescue and pick it up for him.
Here he finally decided to do the work and bend over.
Hayden and his Daddy.
Hayden enjoying his loot. He loved the candy but thought it was even more fun to spit jelly beans out on the tile and watch them stick. He is big into spitting right now. Could he be turning two soon? Something funny, last night Hayden was out riding his power wheels down the side walk when he spotted the neighbors out playing ball, first he wanted to go play ball with them and then he shouted, "egg, find!" He had remembered that we had done the egg hunt there Saturday. What a smartie!


Amy and Ken said...

What good parents to help him out! Easter egg hunts are the best!

Taylor Family said...

Spitting huh? I thought that was only Emma, BUT I should have known better. I figured out where Emma learned it though...are you ready for this...Our Beloved SHREK! Yes! On Shrek 2 the gingerbread man spits in Lord Farquad's face and says "Eat me!" At least they aren't saying that...yet!