Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Well, spring is about here. We have been having some beautiful weather in the 50's and I couldn't be more excited. Yesterday, MaryAnn and I, decided to have a barbeque when the boys got off work. It was so nice. While Mary and I got the stuff ready, Brian took Cooper and Hayden to the park and then to swing in the backyard. Ryan joined later after filling up the propane tank. It was so nice to have some warmer weather and have the light, later. We have not adopted Cooper, it's just that most of our pictures of Hayden have Coop in them. They are just so cute together and they spend a lot of time together. It helps us moms keep our sanity!


Rogers Family Blog said...

So cute, Robyn. It was fun seeing you and Brian last weekend. It was quick but fun. You look great by the way. How did the test go for Brian? give me a call next time you are up at the g-ma's house to hang out a bit.

khoggie said...

to get my name on the pictures I had a friend help me make a logo and I use photoshop to edit all my pictures anyways, so I just place it on the pictures before I post them.