Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Coloring Easter Eggs

On Sunday we dyed easter eggs as a family. Hayden is so lucky to have the Grandma he has because she bought a special Shrek easter egg coloring kit. He was so excited. Hayden thoroughly enjoyed himself.Hayden would drop the "ebb" in the mug and stir it around for a bit, then he would grab it with his hand, dab it with paper towel and then say "mom, ebb." That meant he was ready for another one.
The whole family continuing the egg dying tradition.
Hayden with his "Puss in Boots" egg. He was very proud of his work.
Stirring another "ebb"
I was the joke of the evening. Apparently my butt was showing the whole night we dyed eggs. So who do you think would make such an egg? No, not my bro, MY MOM! Trenton did make an egg with my butt on it as well that said my butt was fine (ha ha), but this seemed more appropriate.


The Smiths said...

How fun! Hayden is doing such a good job of talking. :)

Ken and Amy said...

Oh fun! I love dyeing eggs. It's funny how he loves Shrek so much. I think I would be scared of him if I were Hayden's age!

Rogers Family Blog said...

LOL. Love the butt thing. I love that Hayden is so into Shrek. Happy Easter!

khoggie said...

Amy and I need to dye some eggs sometime soon ... we actually bought stuff to do it last year and never did it and still have our supplies. Hayden is growing up, thanks for the video.