Thursday, September 11, 2008

A tag about me!

I am: A wife, a mother, and pregnant
I think: Too much. I have a wild imagination
I know: I eat too many goodies and
I want: A new car and always what I can't have!
I have: The sweetest, cutest, and funniest little 2 year old in the world
I dislike: Construction and the wierdos that are working on the houses behind me!
I miss: Spending more time with Brian and more time outdoors during the summer. And who doesn't miss lower gas prices!
I fear: losing someone I love
I feel: uncomfortable and ready to be done being pregnant
I hear: Brian making himself breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the day. Poor guy. You know I'll be doing all those dishes when he comes home!
I smell: Nothing, I am a little congested with this pregnancy
I crave: Sour candy most of the time
I cry: whenever I let things build up too long and not during most sad movies.
I usually: feel guilty about something stupid
I search: for the right words to say. I usually say wrond things at the wrong times.
I regret: not printing pictures before my computer crashed and also not keeping a better journal.
I love: my husband, my two boys, my family, and my friends.
I care: about how the one's I love, feel.
I always: love a good time!
I worry: about disease and germs.
I am not: as fit as I should be.
I remember: childhood memories.
I believe: in my church.
I dance: because it's fun, but am not very good at it.
I sing: a lot. When it's not my own songs, it's 5 little ducks, twinkle twinkle, etc., to/with Hayden.
I don't always: stay on top of things. I am a procrastinator, but have done quite well this semester in school. I guess I am improving!
I argue: till I am satisfied. I don't have to win, but I have to be understood and have a compromise.
I write: lists, and in my journal every once and again.
I win: when I play games with children.
I lose: when I play games with other adults.
I wish: I had a money tree growing in my puny yard.
I listen: to music pretty loud in the car. Hayden usually tells me it's "too youd."
I don't understand: some people!
I can usually be found: shopping, blogging, or with my Haydsie Boy.
I am scared: of night and darkness still.
I need: more clothes for my growing belly and some shoes for Hayden
I forget: more than usual now that I have pregnancy brain.
I am happy: when I feel secure, loved, and when the one's I love feel the same way.

I tag: Melanie, Kacey, Jessica, Megan, and of course anyone else who wants a time filler-upper.


Rogers Family Blog said...

What a cool tag. Do you still wnat to go to dinner? We could go etiher this Sat. or next...let me know

Daybreak Dwellers said...

That is sooooo funny that you hate construction. I hear ya!!! They are just starting the house next to us and I hate it already. I'm also afraid of the dark! Sorry I didn't call you back about nursery. I have no excuse other than I forgot. So Sorry!! P.S. your blog is way cute with the new background.

Heather Keenan said...

Hey! I'm sorry to hear that your husband has to work so much more now. I know how you feel. I really think we need to get together and let our little boys play. Especially when Beau's out of town, Luke really needs some guy company and I need grown up company :) Hopefully I'll see you at church tomorrow and we can set something up! If not, call me-3199925!