Thursday, May 8, 2008

What we've been up to!

So it has been an awful long time since I posted anything new. I can't believe I left the ugly picture of myself for so long, be the first thing you see when you visit my blog! I apologize. We have been pretty busy lately. The past two weekends have been spent out of town. Two weekends ago Brian went to California for business and I headed down to St. George with my parents and brother. It was a blast and I was often reminded by Trenton's attitude of my horrible teenage years and how I made some of my family vacations hell for the rest of the family. I love you Trenton, and although it's annoying, I've been there. Last weekend we headed down to the good old town of Logandell. Our friends, the Kitchens, have a house down there and invited us down for the weekend. We traveled down with the Gardners and we all had a good time.
We drove to the Kitchen's ranch and played with the baby goats. Hayden loved it.
Hayden kept saying, "here you go buddy," while he fed them hay.
Hayden wasn't scared a bit. The goats were more afraid of him.
Hayden loved the four wheelers just as much as the big boys. He thought it was quite a thrill to ride the "cycle".
Here's the "Godfather" giving Hayden another ride. Hayden loves his "Teve".
Some good looking boys!
Chris, Jaydon, Hayden, and Brian jumping on the trampoline.
We spent one day at Lake Mead. It was so awesome. There were like three people on the lake and we had the best beach ever. Hayden even loved wearing his life jacket. I hope it lasts for Lake Powell. Hayden is obsessed with "simming".
My cute babe made this for me on the beach.
Hayden and Bri burying Steve in the sand.
Hayden got buried too. You would think that he would have hated it but he wouldn't let us pull him out until I insisted on slathering him up with more sunscreen.
We stopped in at some natural springs for some swimming after the visit to the ranch. It was pretty sweet. The guppies would nip at your legs which tickled like crazy.
Father and son.
More candid moments at the springs.
We went into Vegas one night and although I suggested that we go purchase a cheap stroller, Brian assured me that he would do all the carrying. Well, I knew exactly what would happen. Sure enough, Brian went to ride the stratospher with half the group and Steve, Kacey, Hayden, and I headed to the Coca Cola factory and the M&M factory. Thank heavens for Steve and Kacey who helped lighten the load. We also visited the MGM and saw the lion exhibit. Hayden had everyone laughing when Steve put his head right up to the lions and he said, "Yion, BIIIIIIIIGGGGGG!"
This is our other little get away to St. George. My mom has most of the pictures on her camera. I only have these two. Hayden is way into wearing big shoes. These happen to be his Papa's.
Awwwww! Nothing is cuter than this!


The Christensens said...

You guys are always off doing something fun! I'll for sure come out to Daybreak sometime to hang out. Let's shoot for something next week. Let me know what works for you!

The Greens said...

Welcome back Robyn!! I love the pics. It looks like you guys have been having fun! Are you guys going to Idaho on Memorial Weekend?

The Treasures said...

So cute! That looks like it was a lot of fun!

Taylor Family said...

FUN FUN FUN! You are totally excused from your blogging absence. it looks like it was well worth it! I love the "here you go buddy."! HOW CUTE!? And the "Godfather" haha! (Soon to be father!!! YEA) You might have to delete this comment I don't know. Lets get together next week! Let me know what works for you and Kacey!

Rogers Family Blog said...

I am so glad to see what you've been up to! Glad to hear it something fun. Cute pics.

nicole said...

Thanks so much for sending me your blog! It's so cute and you have a darling family! I also checked out your photo have quite the talent! I'm sad that you won't be Brianne's teacher anymore! She has LOVED going to your class. You're so cute with her. Thanks for all you do!