Saturday, May 17, 2008

Random Tag

3 joys-being a mom, spending time with family or friends, Having a good life (Husband, Hayden, house, etc.)
3 fears-death of myself or family member, having a bad money month, having a child "turn out bad".
3 goals-grow a healthy baby, be more patient with dog, have a better routine (housework, Hayden, etc.)
3 current obsessions-blogging, American Idol (David Archuleta), cravings (sour candy).
3 random surprising facts-I am a victim of rock usage when leaves or T.P. were not an option. I had to take summer school once in high school. I tend to either say things at the wrong time or over share often.

I tag Kacey, Jessica, Amy, Keri, and Stacie!


korth fam said...

I had to take summer school too! At lest we graduated! You're boys are too cute together! I'm way jealous of your house, it looks way nice!

Amy and Ken said...

Well I looked at your blog list and I guess I'm the only Amy! :)