Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sleeping Handsoms

This is Sunday afternoon. Brian and Hayden fell asleep right next to each other and almost in the exact same position. This has happened on numerous occasions. You can definitely tell that Hayden is Brian's son!
Hayden fell asleep today right after his bath. He didn't want to get dressed (not like this is unusual), and just wanted his blanket and binkie. At least he had a diaper on. Some battles are just not worth fighting these days!


The Greens said...

So adorable. Two peas in a pod. :)

Rogers Family Blog said...

LIke father, like son. Love it. How are you? Remember we are getting together soon. You g-ma was telling me she misses you guys so much as do we. xoxo

Taylor Family said...

Sooo cute! How do you get Hayden to sleep out of his crib? Emma will not sleep anywhere but her crib! Sorry about flaking out last week. Lets get together next week. I am free...and hopefully not sick!