Saturday, February 23, 2008

Might as well be brothers

Here the boys are "shoe shopping" in our entryway. Cooper is learning what it's like to walk in Brian's shoes.
Here we are at the doctors office waiting while Mary had a checkup. Cooper can't resist saying "cheeeeesssseeee" when he gets his picture taken.
Team Rivals. When the Scott's came over last weekend, Cooper showed up wearing his Red Socks hat and so we couldn't help but put Hayden in his Yankees hat and snap a couple photos. The shirts were just coincidental.
Here are the happy little guys again.
Cooper has never liked a binky unless it is Hayden's and he is with Hayden. Here the boys are chillin' in one of their favorite places, the window seat. Of course my blinds were being destroyed so I pulled them up so they could see outside.
Doing what boy's do best, watching T.V. and drinking away :)


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The Simisters said...

Robyn those 2 boys are so cute together. You can tell they are best buds.