Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day wasn't anything too fancy. I decided this year that it is just an overrated Holiday and that I wouldn't set myself up for disappointment. We spent the night exchanging gifts, eating dinner at Pei Wei with my little brother Trenton and his friend Tanner, and delivering valentines. I decided that if we had one kid with us, what's another couple more. It was a good day.Hayden with his new ball. Last Valentine's Day he got a big one but it got popped by the neighbor boys who replaced it with another one. Kobe has since popped that one and Hayden was very upset. So, here is the new one. We'll see how long this one lasts!
Me with my gifts from Brian. He did a good job. Notice the willow tree figurine. It is a little blond toddler kissing his mom on the lips. Perfect!
Hayden with his Shrek action figures. He found these himself so no gifts were a surprise. Here we were just walking down the clearance isle (my favorite place anywhere I go) at Walmart and he starts yelling, "Ogre, Ogre" and pointing. After I looked for a second, I spotted what he did, a Prince Charming action figure. We don't like him so we got Shrek, Donkey, and Puss (which Hayden can say... ugh!) This Shrek obsession is a bit out of hand. If you know Hayden, you know what I mean. We must watch all three of them numerous times a week, maybe even day! I have to physically remove him from the house if I want him to do other things such as explore, learn, play, interact with humans, etc.
Here is Brian with his load. I tell ya, I find these great clearances. I spent the day looking for more stuff to add up to the $25 limit we had set. I thought, a shirt and something else will be good. Well, when the shirt rang up at $4.99, half of what the clearance tag had on it before, I had a longer shopping trip ahead of me than I planned for. No problemo, I love shopping and spoiling my husband.


The Gardners said...

That is so cute! You have to admit, the Shrek thing is pretty cute! I love your little Hayden...I hope he gets feeling better soon. Love you!

Rogers Family Blog said...

How fun. I love that Hayden loves Shrek. Ash is into the Disney movies now, it is fun. Look at you, bargain shopper! I need to take some tips from you. Glad you had a good V-day. See you guys soon. kelli