Friday, February 8, 2008

I figured it out!

So here are the pictures that I couldn't get to rotate. After spending much time that I will never get back, I present them to you...Here is a picture of Brian and Hayden in the Menlo mall.
Here Hayden and I are standing in Time Square
Brian and Hayden in Time Square.
Okay, so normally I wouldn't post such a hideous picture of myself for all to see, but this goes to show you how "bugged" I was by the end of our outing to New York. I was irritated by a few factors. Anyhow, I was told to smile by my husband, and I truly tried. This was the outcome!
Hayden is amazed by airplanes now. He got so excited when he saw one. This is where his favorite place was while we waited a couple hours for our flight. He would sit right on the ledge and fold his arms while watching planes. He even went up to a complete "unexcited" stranger, waved in his face, said "plane" as he pointed to some planes, and was showing him how they fly while making the noise. Uncle Jon would be proud of this!


Rogers Family Blog said...

Cute pics, Robyn. I am happy you are back and safe. I have always wanted to go back east, but now i realize maybe no kids if we go...any advice? Hayden is so big now. Can't believe it.

Candyce said...

I love Robyn's "smiling" picture. A photo can tell a thousand words! (that saying goes something like that!) It was great to see you tonight! Thanks Brian for watching Hayden!
I didn't know you had a puppy! There must be some fun times at your house! Good luck! See ya soon!
Oh, that site we talked about is

Taylor Family said...

We totally should get together with our little monsters. Let's see when a good time for Kacey is and you guys can come over here and we can do lunch! FUN!