Thursday, April 9, 2009


That there stands for Potty Training Progress. While I type my son is currently sitting in the living room stark naked watching cartoons as he paces back and forth umcomfortably. I have his throne sitting right next to him in hopes that he will get over this fear of #2!

This has gone on for far too long. He has only done it once and apparently you CAN get TOO excited! I must have ruined the moment. I must say that I was a happier, more patient mother when I wasn't potty training. I have become so frustrated lately and am at my wits end.
(I just took a break because HE DID IT!) Wow, what timing huh! I just hope it sticks because I have tried it all!

I have learned that parenting can go two ways, bribe or threats.  I have tried BOTH!  I have been flaunting the same fun dip candy in his face for weeks and nothing.  I have told him we could pick out a new toy, nothing.  I have fake conversations with his Doctor on the phone, I turn off the t.v. and use it as a threat or bribe, I threaten time out (which doesn't seem to bother him in the least bit), tell him not to "go" on the characters on his underwear or pull-up.  NOTHING WORKS!  I am beginning to think he may be too wise to potty train and here are a couple situations that have proven it:

Situation 1:

I got after him the other day about having an accident.  I was frustrated but trying not to raise my voice too much.  I was explaining myself while I made him sit on his potty and he looked up at me and said, "Shh, just calm down, calm down mom, just caaaalm down!"  That only made me more frustrated.

Situation 2:
Today after trying numerous times to get him to go while Teagan is also screaming at me, I decide to feed Teagan on the couch while still supervising Hayden.  After he is fed, I place a wrapped up (no free arms) baby Teagan on the couch while I go help Hayden.  Well, you probably guessed it, we had Teagan's first fall off the couch!  I don't have any idea how and he has only rolled completely a couple times on his own.  While trying to console him, Hayden pretends to get bucked off the toilet and tells me "my toilet knocked me off!"  I was fed up and thought he could use a little quiet time in his room when he tells me that his chocolate milk pushed him over!  What an imagination.  He comes up with some pretty funny things this kid. 

I am just trying to push this potty training thing along so we can work on the binky.  Any suggestions (from experienced mothers) is greatly appreciated.  I know how I will pull the binky but the potty training thing has got me.  I don't know what will work.  I have tried a chart, candy rewards, and all other things mentioned above!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

As for Teagan, I think he was startled more than anything.  I am also grateful it wasn't our bed and that he didn't hit anything like Hayden did when he fell off our bed.  Man, the whole situations still makes me feel like a horrible mom.  I am just glad I am not the only one out there that has experienced this!


The Shavers said...

You're one of the best moms I know Robyn! Don't let anything make you think otherwise!

Amy said...

You mean you don't want advice from me? Haha ;-) good luck.

Jenifer said...

Brooke had urinary reflux, so we have spent quite a bit of time at the urologists office. At our last visit we talked about potty training. I don't know if it is different for boys, but she said that the biggest thing is not to push them. You have to wait until they are ready or they hold it, and it can cause infections. She said that a lot of kids aren't ready until after they turn 3. I'm not trying to stop you from potty training, but that is just advice I was given. I hope he gets it down soon for you!

Brett And Tiffani said...

It's hard to say. every kid is so different. It took Joshua a few times to get it down. I know some of my friends give a present from the dollar store everytime the kid goes number two. that might help his fear. Good luck

The Greens said...

Robyn, you are a great mom!! I totally HATE potty training. Cameron was 3 1/2 before he was totally potty trained. He was very stubborn and lazy. He still has a problem with the lazy thing. :) Anyway, I tried all the things you are doing too...nothing seemed to work. I finally threatened to rub his face in it if he went in his pants again (it was an idle threat because I wouldn't have done it) and it worked. I think it was more that he was ready though. advice would be to be patient a little while longer. It seems like overnight when it finally happens. I think u are doing everything right...Hayden just may not be completely ready.

Somers Family said...

Kolby took forever to potty train too. I think what finally worked was acting like we didn't really care that much and telling him it was just time to wear underwear and use the toilet. (of course he was 3 and a few months by then) We had quite a few accidents the first week, but then he caught on. We didn't use any rewards because they hadn't worked before. He just finally decided that accidents weren't pleasant.

Laura said...

All I can say is good luck! :) I was just lucky with Rachel. I had tried 3 months earlier and it didn't work. The whole #2 thing was more difficult. I think it takes them awhile to figure that one out. I just had M&Ms for each time she used the potty and then once she had several dry days she got a Dora suitcase and we were done. Nights were a breeze as well. She pretty much did that herself. I'm sure Audrey isn't going to be as easy, so share with us what eventually works.

kjtroxel said...

OHHHH I am not looking forward to PT again. My two were fairly easy compared to stories by other moms but still..

Tammy Faye said...

Not sure there is a full proof way. The child will do when he wants to. All my children were three years old before they were trained. I didn't use all the charts and rewards either. This whole process is enough to make a mother go crazy! Perhaps it is mothers that have to learn patience! Don't get discouraged.