Monday, January 5, 2009

Teagan is 1 month!

Teagan was 1 month old on Christmas Eve. Of course I was crazy busy that whole day as much as I tried to avoid it. I think that having a baby right before all the holidays began was HARD! I wouldn't trade it for anything, but that month was way too crazy. I wish I could have just enjoyed my boys more but the stress and busy schedule just got the best of us sometimes. Teagan is such a sweet baby. I keep waiting for him to CRY! He grunts to get what he wants. He is sleeping about 5-6 hours straight during the night and eats like crazy! He has this sweet innocent look in his eyes that just melt my heart. I love my little man and really feel he is a huge blessing in my life. What an experience it has been to get him here. I have learned a lot and feel so much joy with him around. I also can't believe how much work 2 children is. Hayden is the best brother ever. He is so sweet to Teagan.


Amy and Ken said...

A month old and I still haven't seen him! AH! Well he's super cute.

The Smiths said...

You've been busy posting! Lots of cute pictures and it sounds like you all had a good Christmas. I'm jealous of your 5-6 hour stretch at night! We'll get there eventually, right? :) I love your family picture at the top of your blog!