Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas was crazy as usual especially with all the SNOW! I couldn't believe how much snow we got. That didn't make the whole getting two kids in and out of the car-go 100 places thing very easy! We started the morning at about 7 or so getting ready before we woke Hayden up. When we were ready we both went into his room shouting, "wake up, wake up, Santa's been here!" That is from his favorite Christmas movie, "Polar Express." He always yells that at Teagan when he is sleeping. After we did our own little Christmas we went to Brian's Mom's house for her brunch. Then we headed to my parents for opening presents and talking to one missionary. We talked to Jeremy first and of course he was amazed that he could carry on a conversation with Hayden. After spending awhile at my parents, we went to my Grandparent's house for dinner and gifts. Christmas has sure changed there. Grandma has lost a LOT of memory and capability to do a LOT of things. My poor Grandpa has turned into the Chef and just tells his little sidekick Nancy what to do. She doesn't really drive anymore either so shopping is out of the question. We did get nice gift certificates and a little $10 gift exchange. We also don't see my Dad's brother and his family anymore! Sometimes I think about the good old days and wish I could pay money to go back for a day, especially on Holidays. We were able to talk to Jon up at my Grandparent's for awhile and he too was so surprised by how much Hayden has changed. I loved talking to them and miss them a ton! We spent the rest of the night pushing Trevor and Heather's car to safety and then going to my parents for a short while and then went home. Quite a wild goose chase!

Brian did so well with my gifts this year. I told him he couldn't use the excuse, "When do you think I had time to shop?" due to his abundant time off before the years end. He made this cool book of my blog posts, picked out the cutest designer jeans, a couple shirts, and got me the biggest gift I have ever CANON REBEL XSI DIGITAL CAMERA! He is amazing and said he had been saving since my birthday. Thanks babe, I love you!
Let's just say that Hayden always ends up with too much. He got a little people garage, legos, fridge phonics, games, clothes, pajamas, shoes, Elmo live, a light saber, and much much more! It has kept him plenty entertained. He is very appreciative of everything which makes it so much funner. He even told us how pretty the ribbon was on the wrapping. He also takes forever to open presents because the bow and tag had to be off before he would ever so gently put his finger under the paper and move it under the tape. You know, how the old people do? What is with my 2 year old?
Teagan thought Christmas was like any other day, except being put in and out of his carseat a billion times! Good thing he is easy going. He got a couple toys, pajamas, clothes, a new mobile for his crib since Hayden broke it when he was a baby, shoes, and a couple other things.Brian is easy to please. He got a DVD, a shirt, a shop vac, an i-home, and a couple other things as well.
Just a cute picture of my Dad and Teagan on Christmas. He always bundles babies so cute. Teagan is intrigued by my dad already. He loves his voice and has started to follow him around the room.Here's my boys with their sweaters on. I was so excited to dress my boys in matching outfits when I found out I was having another boy. Turns out, most places don't sell matching outfits until the baby is in size 6 months. The sweaters were pretty similar and darn cute. Lucky for us, Teagan is a HUGE eater and is now fitting into 3-6 months at 6 weeks.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas because we sure did!


Laurie M said...

That picture on your blog heading is the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Love it!

Chalece said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! I have that same camera, and it is amazing. I love it!

Fiauna said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas. The little ones grow up too fast, but let me tell you Christmas gets more fun the older they get. (At least it has for me)