Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween was pretty fun this year. We enjoyed lots of different festivities. Hayden was not so in love with the whole "Halloween Scene", but enjoyed dressing up. He made the cutest little cowboy ever. I still need a video of him saying cowboy and telling me what they say.
Here he is on Halloween night right before we headed out trick-or-treating. It was nice trick-or-treating in our neighborhood. The houses in our little area are pretty close together which made it go quick. Only problem, lots of people are young like us and probably headed to the Grandparents. Lot's of non-homers. Hayden was very controlled while picking candy. He would nicely take one and when told he could take more, he usually wouldn't. I, as the mom and pregnant lady, was a bit disappointed.
This was the night of my parents trunk-or-treat. This was the first one I had every been to and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Hayden was overwhelmed with the fact people were freely handing over a bunch of candy but finally got the hang of it.
Had to get a full body shot in here. He didn't love the boots. He says they hurt his feet. He definitely has Lund feet. He wouldn't walk a whole lot in them but I didn't have to carry him once while trick-or-treating in our own neighborhood.
Here we are carving pumpkins as a family night activity. We had the Scotts and Gardners over. We ended up with some pretty cool jack-o-lanterns.
Of course everyone living in Daybreak has the pumpkin patch pictures. We of course, chose to go on the coldest day in October. We didn't spend long there but had to take our photo opportunities seriously.
Hayden did like sitting on the tractors.
I look awkward but we don't get many family pictures so here it is.And here we are really getting our pumpkins. Let's just say they were significantly cheaper here at...


Rogers Family Blog said...

Hayden makes one handsome cowboy. Oh my, I am already goign crazy in my parents house; so i say forsure let's go out.when? love the pics!

Brett and Lauren said...

He was a cute little cowboy!

Heather and Trevor said...

SO FUN! He is such a cute little boy!

Jason and Heather said...

Very cute cowboy!! Glad you had a good Halloween and it was good weather that night!