Monday, March 26, 2012

St. Patricks Day Partay!

My cousin Natalie was in town and since her Chase and my Teagan are the same age and she is currently much more ambitious than me, she had a great idea to have a St. Patrick's Day party. My other cousin Julie's hubby was out of town and Hayden loves to play with Isaac so she joined in on the fun too. Facebook and Pinterest were making me look pretty bad anyways since I wasn't planning anything exciting so I was all for it! The kiddos had such a fun time! Brian was such a good sport to be the "man" of the evening. I do love that man.
The crew
Natalie and Julie set up a very fun treasure hunt. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Teagan was so very proud of his "gold."
The loot for reaching the end of the hunt.
Now, why wouldn't I be in charge of dessert :) I planned on decorating cupcakes with rainbows and gold at the end. Worked out alright. Not much ends up on the cupcakes before the mouth. Fine by me :)
We also made rainbow "kabobs." Isn't Hayd's kabob a beauty?


The Shavers said...

You guys are ambitious! The only thing I did for my kids was green eggs and ham. Looks like all of the kids had fun!