Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am pretty proud of my upkeep here on my blog lately. I just wanted to post what's been going on and post some pictures of the kiddos.

I went to my appointment last Thursday and all went well. Although, when I showed up my Doctor had just left for a delivery and my nurse was gone. I found out later that my nurse had unexpectedly lost her grown son from Kidney failure a couple weeks ago. So sad. Hard year for my office. The nurser that was covering for my nurse and doctor did my check-up. She first asked my boys if they were getting a brother or a sister. When they replied, "brother," she said, "well, that isn't really fair to mom is it!" Oh, the comments keep coming. I really wished that my doctor or nurse had been there. They know my situation. Also, I didn't really think that comment would have been appropriate even IF she knew my situation. We also didn't get the stress test done and I had to tell her I needed the Rhogam shot. The good news is I was measuring 33 1/2 weeks and I was only 32! I was thrilled about that. Didn't check his position although I am sure he is still chilling diagonally inside. Butt in my right side ribs, head down on the bottom left. I sure hope he gets into position soon and drops down!

A couple days later while at the grocery store, the cashier asked if this was my first. I told her my fourth. Sometimes I just say 3 but I feel awful. This way, I feel I am not disregarding our baby girl. She asked what we had and I told her we had two boys, lost a baby girl, and were pregnant with a boy. I left it at that. People don't need details or a sob story. Her comment did take me back. She said, "Oh, well, I have two girls and two boys." She then said, "my boys are monsters." I was thinking, "why thank you Mrs." It may not be the ideal but I just told you we lost a girl. Guess it doesn't matter. She then told me that they were also 15 months apart and the oldest boy was autistic. I told her, "oh, that would be hard." I tried to be sensitive. I could have said something really hurtful to her, but I didn't. Glad I have some life experience.

The good thing is that because I have reached a level of peace and acceptance with having this little boy, the comments can be taken with a grain of salt. They still sting a bit but I am actually happy and excited to welcome Dallin into our family. This is my life, I cannot change the past.

I did have a dream a couple nights ago that I had the baby girl I have been dreaming/picturing in my head for some time. She had black hair just like me when I was born and resembled me as a baby. I remember her nuzzling right into my neck and I couldn't get enough of her or let go. Although someone had told me she was a girl, I was to afraid to check it out for myself in fear it would change. Pregnancy dreams are so CRAZY for me. This one was actually quite pleasant.

Anyways, I am sure pictures are really what people come here for so here are some of our latest...

For Valentines Day I was trying earnestly to pick the "same thing" out for both boys. I finally got over myself and realized that sometimes, they don't NEED the same things. In fact, they can be so different. I decided on a basketball jersey for Teagan. He LOVED IT! I am sure more than anything else I could have picked out. He still has an obsession with basketball games. His own. His team consists of himself, Dale n' Mellon, Gavin, and sometimes Michael Jordan. Ocassionally, someone from Jordan High Schools team. More than the game itself, he LOVES the halftime show "dancers." Proud mommy moment even if he is only three! Have I mentioned before a basketball jersey with shorts is his standard outfit. Yep, even when there is snow on the ground. People must think I am crazy. Just replace the "c&r" with an "L." It is so not worth the fight right now. He is ME as a toddler. We just make sure he wears some long ol' socks and a jacket. The same fight goes for Hayden and anything besides jeans and a shirt with no collar or buttons. So much for the closet full of clothes for these two.
Hayden is still going strong with his "superhero" type phase. This included the Power Rangers. I do not like Power Rangers. In fact, he has watched a couple episodes of the ones I watched as a kid. Why on earth that ever kept me and my brothers entertained, I will NEVER know. Horrible acting.
Every once and again we get some pretty decent weather. We have had a few park days...

By we, I typically mean Brian and the boys. Can I just tell you how grateful I am to have Brian. He is such a hard worker and one of the things he works hard at is getting the boys out of the house, away from screen time, and being active. They need that so bad right now with me being "with child!"
Interesting fact at our house: Teagan is definitely the ring leader. Once he does something, Hayden follows suit. Even if that means putting undies on your head, puttting your top on your botton and the bottoms on the top!
Every once in a while, something interesting happens. It's called pregnancy ambition/motivation. Perhaps it is guilt but I prefer thinking I have something left in me. One day before the dreadful 1:00 hour church time, I decided to make a rocket ship with the boys out of the new carseat box. Turned out pretty fun and it is still sitting in my living room along with the superhero getaway car we made with the stroller box.
I just love these faces he is pulling here.

Such a little stud. I love his "tough guy" reputation he has to uphold. Well, most the time I love it :)

Only picture I could get of the two of them in our creation.

On a side note. Dale n' Melon are still going strong. Stronger than ever before. He knows they are his "imaginary friends" but they seem so REAL when he is shouting at them and disciplining them. The great thing for Teagan is that he lives vicariously through them. They do absolutely everything Teagan has been told NOT to do in his entire toddler lifetime. They follow Satan and love to say "stupid mom" and "idiot."It's completely awesome for us.

Let the good times roll here at the Lund Household!


Andrea Coles said...

Have I ever told you how much I love your boys? They're awesome! I love reading your stories and I'm digging their new do's.

I loved hearing about your dream... did I ever tell you that I saw Stella in one of my dreams? Before I was ever pregnant with her. Spence and I weren't even really thinking about having another baby yet but she wanted to make sure we didn't forget about her. To me, it sounds like your baby girl is doing pretty much the same thing... just giving you a little bit of hope and sunshine to get you through until she gets her turn. :)

Love you to pieces Robyn!!