Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Loaded Personality!

Teagan has been one thrill after another. He is SO full of personality. He is the most affectionate, passionate, loud, intelligent, and energetic boy. I can not believe how much emotion he throws into our household. I am often feeling guilty for not jotting down EVERYTHING he says and does. I feel like sometimes my whole experience with losing my baby has taken over and has shoved aside the things I feel are important such as documenting important events and such. UGH! has been full of fun with Teagan. Here is a breakdown of events.

Event One:

As Hayden is watching "Little Rascals,"(Teagan usually is playing busily and tunes in every once and again to a movie) Teagan picks up on ONE phrase. What is it you ask? Of ALL things..."LOSERS SUCK!"

...Awesome, I know.

Event Two:

As I am getting ready for the day, the boys are building with blocks in the playroom. I had turned the radio on downstairs just a few minutes before. I heard Teagans famous and VERY loved song "Dynamite" come on. Teagan is driven by adrenaline and this song sure does it for him. I stop and intently listen to his reaction. Sure enough, I hear a CRASH of the blocks as he chucked everything and heard him running downstairs while shouting, "Where's my ball!" Next thing I know, he is shooting hoops and asking for me to turn UP the music. Man after my own heart-loud music :)

Event Three:

After being disciplined several times for abusing what I refer to as his friends, he is finally fed up with this arranged playdate. He asks for his binky and is soon missing. I go upstairs to find him and call out his name. To this he responds, "I'm right here!" I hear his little voice coming from his room. I look into his bed (currently a pack n play) and find him with his blanket, teddy bear, and binky. He had shut the door and was ready for a nap :) but I had just prepared lunch. I was just laughing and wondering how in the world he got there. I asked Hayden if he had lifted him into there and he told me he hadn't. I went downstairs to tell my friends and see if maybe Kacey had put him there. Nobody had. As I put Teagan down at his little table with his buddy Gavin to eat lunch, he leans over to Gavin and says, "I got in dere myself." It was so funny to hear him tell his friend what we were all wondering. I asked him to show me how he got in and he was very willing to show me again...several times!

Event Four:

After lunch, he rips the cushion off of a chair down in our living room and places another chair on top of that one. He plants himself right on it. Busted out the camera for that one!

This is a typical day at our house and this is just a small list of things he does and says. I have a hard time keeping up with this one!


Blair Karren said...

i love that little guy! you guys have some stinkin cute boys!

Angela Morton said...

K I finally have you on my list! yay! Your boys are seriously so cute. We need to get our kiddos together.