Saturday, May 23, 2009

Growing pains

Poor little Hayden has been getting some pretty bad leg aches due to growing pains. The other night while he was just sitting on my bed, he just started screaming out of nowhere and was holding his leg. He told me it was hurting again. I tried to logically explain to him why it was hurting. I told him that when we grow, sometimes it aches and hurts. He thought about it and said this through his tears, "I don't want my leg to grow anymore," "I want my leg to stay little." I asked him if he needed anything to make it feel better and he said, "No Mom, I don't need anything." So sweet. I felt so bad for him.

He also told me that he probably ate too many skittles and that he wasn't feeling good. I had just said this a few minutes before that. Too funny.

Growing and growing up can be tough!


Rogers Family Blog said...

Oh- he is so sweet. breaks my heart when they don't feel well. We'd love to get together some time:)

Andrea Coles said...

Sad!! My mom used to always give us bananas before bed when we were having growing pains. I know that sounds weird, but I swear it always worked for me.

The Greens said...

Don't u love it!! My boys get bad growing pains too!!

Chris Linds & Maddie said...

Maddie gets really bad growing pains too. Probably 3 nights a week. Our Dr. said to give them half a dose of motrin before bed to help if it keeps him up at night. It has worked great for us. Good luck!