Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pool Time.

So after about 5 trips to our new pool, I decided it was finally time to take the camera. Hayden is quite the little fish. He has definitely turned a new leaf since he turned 2. He is so brave and adventurous. I thought he was always going to be mellow, easy going, and a little bit timid. Oh no! That is not Hayden anymore but I actually am loving every moment of his adventurous, brave, outgoing personality. Hayden loves "simming." He even loves wearing his life jacket which is a must the way he swims. He will count to 5 and then jump all the way in without having arms outreached to catch him, he does monkey moves on the handrails in the pool, walks on his hands in the shallow end, swallows gallons of water, turns in circles in the water, goes underneath completely without panicking and getting upset, etc. I keep a very close eye on this one while at the pool. Funny how we couldn't get him to touch the water in Lake Powell. Germaphobia?
Unfortunatley, none of my photos at the pool were big action shots, but cute nonetheless. This is Hayden with his friend Maxwell who lives about 3 houses down from us. Max is only 6 weeks younger than Hayden and they play really well. We have made so many great friends while living here.
Hayden hanging on to one of the poles. Pole Dancing, here we come! Not!
They boys just chillin during a pool check. They blow the whistle every hour on the hour to check the pool. I appreciate that completely and it's a good excuse to sneak in a snack even if they say food isn't allowed! I am a pregnant, starving woman, lay off me!
Max always has such a cute concerned, serious face on. I absolutely love it. I could watch Hayden play all day with his friends. They are so funny when they interact with each other. Not to mention the fact that it gives me a little breather.


Chalece said...

Hi Robyn!!! This is Chalece Kolts (Henrie) from high school. This is kind of weird, but I found your blog from Lindsay and Chris's blog. Anyway, it looks like you're doing great! Your little boy is such a cutie, and congrats on the future little mister. That's so fun. I have a blog too, it's so we can keep in touch. It's fun to hear about your cute family.

Taylor Family said...

You have to have me over to your pool! I am scared of all the other ones that are so "public" because you never know how many germs are in there. Plus it's time for a playdate! AND PICTURES! My husband is making it difficult on me because he hates getting pictures taken. Maybe I will just have you do Emma and I and see how he feels about that!

The Smiths said...

How fun! We certainly are missing our nieghborhood pools this summer. I think it's hilarious that he has to wear a life jacket. :) You'll have to get him in swim lessons next summer.