Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Fun

I couldn't be happier that the weather has been so nice and so consistent lately. Besides having a broken air conditioner, I have enjoyed the warm weather. Luckily I am not too huge yet so I'm not miserable. Here are some pictures of what we've (meaning mostly Hayden) been up to!
After pouring time, effort, and money into a slip-n-slide, pool, sprinkler, or any matter of water activity, my son still refused to "fully" enjoy them. This is long after my mom talked him into getting wet and touching the water. I swear that I am chopped liver when my parents are around.
Here he is walking on the slip-n-slide. He slipped and fell many times but never seemed to be too affected by it. We were able to finally talk him into letting us hold each of his hands and drag him along it on his butt.
Here is the swimming pool. Only walking was going on here. He did fall on his butt once and he just gasped and hurried to get back on his feet. Man, I just don't understand why kids don't love ice cold water?
He thoroughly enjoyed throwing the wet ball out at me and then I would throw it back in. The sprinkles felt good on me!
What a silly smile!
Hayden has finally gotten brave enough to go down slides by himself, however, this was the "big" slide and he wouldn't attempt it on his own. Good thing he has a daddy that is overly anxious to test them out himself!
Feeding the ducks at Murray Park. We attempted to feed ducks at the lake by our house, but of course there were about 2 ducks on the whole lake and they wouldn't even come near us. Could have been the dog. Just another thing he hinders us from doing!
This is Hayden and Helen. I used to nanny Helen and we still enjoy picking her up for a weekly activity. She takes good care of Hayden and he absolutely loves having her as a playmate.
I think he may have decided to take a bite of bread himself. Who knows but he sure loved this adventure. He was fine until I teased him and told him the ducks were going to get him because they were quite aggressive and were following him. He screamed and wanted me to pick him up. I told him they really weren't and he was fine but what kind of a mom am I?


Taylor Family said...

HAHA! He is so dang funny! I love this age. When you get back we have quite the agenda! Family pictures, 2 year old pictures and some fun play dates!