Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What a day...patchy weather, tampons, chaos!

So, it was just "one of those days!" Let me just back up to last night. Brian and I decided to go see a movie since it was his night off. Our babysitters were limited since my mom is clearly overused, Brian's mom was busy, and Hayden was a little bit sick so we didn't want him to be around neighbors kids. I had my cute little cousin Courtney come over. I was a little worried because Teagan doesn't really do well with people he doesn't see frequently. I thought it would be okay because it was only an hour and 40 minutes and it was almost his bedtime...WRONG! He screamed for AN HOUR for her. My kids are not the type that get over things too quickly. Even Hayden was the kid they would bring to me in church because he just wouldn't stop crying in nursery and they didn't know what to do with him. Teagan is like Hayden in that aspect. Lucky me! Poor Courtney just didn't know what to do with him. He was so sad when we came home and his face was so red and rashy. I picked him up and he squeezed me so tight and refused to let go. After a few minutes he pulled away and touched my cheeks with both his hands and hugged my face. He was traumatized and so was I. I was sick the rest of the night. I felt so bad.

This brings me to today...

I think he may have been mad at me and seeking revenge. I don't know what got into him. He was OUT OF CONTROL. I had had it by about 10:00 a.m. He got into ANYTHING and EVERYTHING he could possibly get his fingers on! I spent my day cleaning up cotton swabs, chips, crackers, garbage, dirty laundry, etc.

His nap was 1 1/2 hours and it was sooooo short! At one point we went outside for a quick little change of scenery. He was SO thrilled. He walked over to every bush in the yard and screamed with excitement. When a car went by, he yelled, "YAY" as he clapped. He ran around but when it was time to go in, oh boy!

I tried to get him to take a second nap at the time Hayden was taking his, it was a no go! I still needed some time so he stayed there for a bit while I sprawled out on my bed face down. I was exhausted!

Teagan so kindly woke up Hayden for me by walking into his room, not sure how he opened the door, climbing onto his bed, and doing what Teagan does.

We then took Brian back to work, he had been out handing out fliers for their new lunch box specials. They look and sound delicious!

I needed to go to Target but wanted to stop at my parents to print coupons, address some shower invitations, and kill some time. Okay, and maybe to have some adult interaction and someone to entertain kiddos for a minute.

At this point, I am thinking, "I am just on edge, Teagan is probably not as crazy as I am portraying him to be." Wrong again. Jeremy shouts up from downstairs, "He is throwing everything away!" "He is being crazy today, has he been like this all day?" He told me that his work keys were in the garbage and luckily Hayden had caught him doing it.

Then he was getting into stuff in Jon's room and he mentioned the same thing, "wow, has he been like this all day?" YES PEOPLE!

I spent my time over there cleaning up bird seeds, putting stuff back into the desk, getting rocks out of his mouth, pulling him away from cords, lifting him off of the top of the table, stopping him from drinking the dog's water, etc.

To top this off, he is getting more teeth. He is so unhappy. I am done with his teething business. He got all four molars and 2 of his incisors in the month of March. I never knew when Hayden was teething, but Teagan is a different teether.

Teagan is more the norm for his age. While I do appreciate the different personalities of my boys, I have my Mom to thank. She always wished when I was little that I would get a kid just like me. She got her wish!

On top of all this chaos, Hayden had a few sayings that got me through the day and put a smile on my face.

While we were outside for our small scenery change, he said to me, "It's a nice day today." I told him it was still a little cold and wet outside. When he was walking down the front steps he said, "well it's a nice day right here." Hence my "patchy weather" in the title.

When I was looking at coupons on the computer he asked if I would read a book. I told him I would when I was done and that I was almost done. He said, "when you're done with tampons?" Funny enough, I had just printed a coupon for tampons. I said "how did you know?" He responded with a "because you told me!" Then I said, "you mean coupons?" Hayden said, "yes, coupons." Phew! Except, it is sad that he even knows the word and meaning, "tampon."

We also visited my cousin Jordan who came home from his mission in Chile today. Welcome home!

I am surprised I am still awake!


The Shavers said...

Don't you love these days as a mom! NOT! I've had a few myself.

Brett And Tiffani said...

That sounds like a crazy day! sorry...I guess we all have days like that at some point.