Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Birthday Bash

Hayden's big obsession right now is bugs. Don't ask why, it is a rather odd love/hate relationship with them. He will dig for them, look for them, talk about them, etc., but as soon as there is an unexpected close encounter, he goes crazy. Sometimes he will let an occasional bug crawl on his fingers but not too often. I can't explain his relationship with creepy crawlies. Anyways, we threw him a bug party for his friend party. This year he had more of his own friends to invite to his birthday. Funny that until then, it is your friends that are their friends. It was a lot of fun. We had a bug (brown sprinkles) eating contest, bug hunt, pin the spider on the web, bug juice, caterpillar cupcakes, spider cakes, gummy worms, and all things bugs. We even made ladybug and bumble bee balloons. It was so much fun to have a house full of toddlers and their parents. Thanks to all those who were in attendance. I will post the pictures in a short while!

Hayden took it upon himself to open a present while I was upstairs getting ready. I heard him doing something and I asked him what he was up to. He replied, "just reading this book."
Bug (brown sprinkles) eating contest. Some of the kids were not too into it but caught on a little bit later.
And here they are again digging in.
Close-up of Hayden
At this age, apparently, opening presents is a group activity. Spider cakeCaterpillar cupcakesSinging "Happy Birthday To You"Eating spider legs. Mmmm.Playing outside with some of the gifts.


Somers Family said...

Hey Robyn! What a cute birthday party idea. It looks like the kids loved it. Planning a little kids birthday party is one of my big fears as a mom, so way to go!