Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm alive!

So I am still alive. This blogging thing has fell by the wayside. I have SOOOOOO much to blog about and it's one of those things that I have gotten so far behind on, it feels helpless. I am still planning on blogging it all though.

For those who don't know, Brian's Dad passed away last week and his funeral was on Monday. We have had a lot of family stuff going on, not to mention anniversary, birthday, and all other sorts of stuff to keep me absolutely running wild.

I also don't have any computer time these days. Brian is now running his own marketing business and it requires him to be an absolute computer hog. I am on the other hand, exhausted and not getting much time to myself these days. I am currently being "yelled" at by a 6 month old. How is that possible by the way?

I did get my computer today so I have been trying to edit pictures until it froze and then the battery ran out. I give up. I am at my parent's house being bored stiff while Brian is working but I don't have any pictures so, dead end. Wow, anyways, I will try and update my 6 or so posts before leaving for Lake Powell next week. Whahoo, can I just say how excited I am to get OUT OF TOWN! It is aggravating to think about how long I have wanted-NEEDED, a vacation!


Amy said...

I'm sorry to hear about Brian's dad. I hope Brian's business goes well and you have fun on your vacation!

Christy said...

That is too bad about Brian's dad! I hope besides that, everything is going well! Have fun in Lake Powell!

Dave/Sherry said...

As family members pass it gives a another opportunity to reflect on memories. We learn and grow. We appreciate you Brian and your many kindnesses to our family.

Taylor Family said...

I know! THREE!!! It's crazy! We will be out of town until after the 4th also so lets get together after!

Rogers Family Blog said...

Wow! You have had a lot going on. I am sorry about Brian's dad. Was it sudden? I seriously think 2 boys close together is so much work- hang in there!