Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hayden Starts Preschool

With Hayden having a summer birthday and hundreds of different opinions flying our direction, we decided on the preschool route and to put off kindergarten one more year. I didn't worry about Hayden socially or academically, but I thought there was no reason NOT to give him every advantage possible. One of my big reasons was the whole dating and driving thing when he is a sophomore. He will be able to do both his entire sophomore year. Another positive aspect was being the oldest in your grade would give him the advantage in the sports department. Brian also likes the idea of no time between graduation and mission, if that is what Hayden decides to do. So with all that said, we found Hayden a preschool that would challenge him as an individual. He was already 5 when he started and could already do what those going into kindergarten could do. My cousin told me about a Preschool in Riverton and it sounded amazing. I checked it out and LOVED it. Such a positive feeling and nice women who work there.

It was so hard to drop my guy off. I was not ready to have my little boy not be with me 24/7. The teacher had to tell me to leave and that Hayden needed to learn to do things himself. I was slightly offended but there is lots of truth to that. I have always done everything for him!

I really can't believe how big he is!