Saturday, October 24, 2009

Never in my wildest dreams....

Hey Everybody, It's A Guest Post on Robyn's Blog By Brian!!!

I have to say, the last five years have been unbelievably cool. I would have never guessed that my life would turn out this way ten years ago.

I get these sudden rushes of happiness to think about what has happened in my life since I met Robyn. Every day I think about how much joy my life has in it because of her and my boys. This is what's it's ALL ABOUT :-) It's the little things that bring about the most happiness.

I want to spend all my time with them. The last six months, since I've been doing a lot of work from home, have been totally rad because I could wake up and know that I could be with them all day - we're working on getting it back to that.

Even with our humble beginnings, and not having all the luxuries that would be great to have, I'm still the happiest I've ever been. It shows to me that it really is the simple stuff. Hearing Teagan laugh, seeing the many awesome little faces he pulls, watching Hayden jump off the stair, or run around healthy and strong, having a LOVING, beautiful wife to hang out with, loving family and good friends are HUGE blessings, what more can you ask for, you know?

Of course there's always problems you're trying to solve, things you're trying to make work and other crap you're dealing with. Certain parts of life suck sometimes, it wouldn't be life without it, but it's trivial to sit and dwell on it when you've got so much to look forward to and so many people that want to see you do well. I was reading this book yesterday and it had this part about how dwelling on negative crap just makes it worse in your mind and the best thing to do is take some form of action. Alright, I'm officially rambling on now... I better stop :)

I just never in my wildest dreams thought that life would turn out this way and I'm grateful to Heavenly Father for all my joy and blessings.


Fiauna said...

You guys are such a great example of what a family IS! We're so proud of you both.

Aaron and Fiauna

Jason and Heather said...

Dito!! We are so happy to know and see you guys so happy! Love where you are in your life Brian and so happy that you made the choices to get you there!! Robyn you are such a good wife and Mom with two adorable boys! We are glad that you two found each other!!

Byron said...

What a great post, and so true. You guys are great.

Rogers Family Blog said...

Sweet post. What a great Halloween picture. YOu are such a cute family and we miss you!