Sunday, April 6, 2008

Girls, and two handsome little boys, night out!

Our adventure started at the Training Table, and ended at the Mall. We did go to Seagull in between, so Natalie could by some Down East tops to fit her growing Belly. Congrats on the pregnancy!
Of course we had to accommodate the children and stop at the playground in the mall. Hayden had a blast and Isaac let out a lot of excess energy!
Riding the creature. I think it was some kind of dinosaur. At least, that was the theme of the playground.
Getting ready to slide.
Hayden didn't want to leave Brinley's side all night. When we left he just cried and cried saying, "Brin, Brin." Even when I told him we would see her tomorrow, he still continued to throw a tantrum.

I love this family tradition. We missed everyone who couldn't make it. I sure wish you lived here Laura! I'm also glad that Aunt Sherry could join us this year after her absent years in New Zealand. Maybe Heather will also be able to join us next year. I love you gals!


Taylor Family said...

Fun! Was this during priesthood session?

The Smiths said...

Cute pictures! It looks like everyone had a good time. It would have been fun to have been there! :)

Elise said...

Looks like you had a fun birthday. Love the background too. Give Mary a squeeze for me!

khoggie said...

ha, Hayden is such a cute little kid, good pictures here!