Saturday, August 22, 2009

Head Obsession

Hayden plays so cute with his brother and I've never had to worry about leaving him alone with Teagan. However, I have on a number of occasions, found him with various things on his head. Here is how I have found him a couple of times:

The first thing is just a little baby toy of Teagan's. What can I say, after lots of practice, this kid has amazing balance!Yeeha Cowboy!
A kitchen bowl and Hayden with his fireman hat.
GO UTES! Now, if I had found a BYU helmet on him, I would have worried and that would have been terms to never leave Hayden alone with him again! Phew, good thing we don't own one of those! Teagan actually got upset when I tried to remove this from his head. Guess he is used to this.


Neilson Family said...

These pictures make me laugh! Teagan is such a good sport...and so good-natured.